Moral Sayings Paraphrasing A false tale often betrays itself. A lie will

Moral Sayings
• A false tale often betrays
– A lie will always be found
out one day.
• A man is known by the
company he keeps.
– People are judged based
on the friends he/she
• Acquaintance softens prejudices.
– You may have incorrect
opinions about someone when
you are not knowing him/her
very well, but when you know
him/her well, you will have a
right thought about the person
• An act of kindness is a
good investment.
– Be kind to others is also
to be kind to yourself
• Be sure that there are
others worse off than
– Believe yourself
• Beauty is only skin-deep.
– It is what is inside that
• Birds of a feather flock
– Good people stay with
good people, and bad
people stay with bad
people because they
have the same opinion
• Children are not to be
blamed for the faults of
their parents.
– Children shouldn’t be
punished because of
their parent’s mistakes
• Do not count your
chickens before they are
– Don’t trust something
before you know the
• Fine feathers do not make
fine birds.
– Good cloths do not make
good people
• Force is not a remedy.
– You shouldn’t force to
• It is too late to prepare for
danger when our enemies
are upon us.
– Get ready every time
• Look before you leap.
– Used for saying that
someone should think
carefully before making
a decision.
• The right to do something
does not mean that doing
it is right.
– You can do something
right but it might not be
• The only correct actions
are those that demand no
explanation and no
– When you do something
right you don’t need to
say why you do this.
• The time is always right to
do what is right
– If you know what is right
to do, just do it and don’t
worried about anything