Text 4 – Grandpa`s Soup

Colloquial – informal and chatty
Dialect – words specific to a place
Modal verb – verb which shows degrees of possibility
Text 4 – Grandpa’s Soup
Lesson Objective:
To analyse the poem using key
linguistic terms
• Specific words which are particular to a place.
• Do you know any examples of DIALECT??
• Why do writers use DIALECT?
Food as a memory of a person
• The poem Grandpa’s soup is reflective and
nostalgic in TONE.
• The narrator recalls her grandpa’s soup with
fond memories.
• The TONE changes as she realises that he
must have known when she was little that his
soup would remind her of him after his death.
• Find and annotate the following techniques in
the poem:
– Scottish dialect
– Structural repetition
– Interrogative sentences
– Metaphor
– Simile
– Superlative adjective
Narrative Technique
• The narrator switches from a child-like
narrative to a more adult, reflective narrative,
and then goes back to child-like.
• Find the switch
• What is particular about the poet’s word
choices and style to make it a convincing childlike perspective?
• How has the writer’s choice of words created
a more reflective tone in the second stanza?
Attitudes and Values
• Mini essay response.
• From this poem and one of the other texts we
have read so far answer this question:
– In what ways does the writer convey their feelings
about food to the reader?
• Lexis
• Grammar
• Structure