Career planning background ideas

Career planning
Key ideas to help you with advice
and guidance for pupils
Identify future goals
• It is not about deciding at the age of 16 what
you want to do for the rest of your life. It is
about uncovering ever more possibilities and
using robust planning, research and evaluation
techniques to make these possibilities tangible
and real.
• If knowledge is power, pupils who have ‘no idea’
what they want to do with their future are
powerless and without support may have less
reason to make the progress they need to climb
the ladder.
Plan your ladder from the top
• Step one : Look to the future and identify
long term career goal
• Step two : Research university courses which
can lead to that career
• Step three : Plan how you will achieve the
first step of your ladder
Your Career as a
Post degree qualification
University course
A Level courses
‘Unpack’ the requirements
- Experiences
You need to show all
these. You must give
Look for clues. What
do they want?
Traffic light colour code how well you
fit the requirements
• Red for ‘I have not made
any progress with this
yet ‘
• Orange for ‘I have
identified this target but
still some way to go ‘
• Green for ‘I have made
good progress and
completed this target’
Use SMART Targets to help you