Policy Critique

Nursing Entry to Practice
Programme 2012
Policy:- “a mandatory written directive that reflects the
organisation’s values and defines its position on a given
Procedure:- “a mandatory set of instructions that may be
associated with a policy”
Guidelines:- “a statement of recommended practice for use
in specific circumstances. Staff are advised to follow
guidelines but compliance is not mandatory”
Capital Coast Health Board, 2007 pg. 2 &3. Policy, procedure, protocol or guideline
To demonstrate your ability to select & review
relevant literature
 To demonstrate your ability to link evidence
based research throughout the critique of the
 To engage with the quality improvement process
Critiquing your chosen policy
What is the relationship like between
academic literature and policy content?
When was it last updated?
What do international guidelines look like?
Rubenfeld, M.G. & Scheffer, B.K. 2006
Evidence Based Practice: “systematic research
that is rigorous and well designed. The findings
have been supported in a series of studies”
Best Practice: “using the most recent, relevant
and helpful interventions based on research, in
real life practice/infusing day to day practice with
The John A. Hartford of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, 2011, pg.1.
Critical Reflection
Clinical Reasoning
 “Clinical
reasoning is a process whereby
knowledge, scientific information and
experience are used in considering
multiple possibilities to achieve desired
goals whilst considering the patient
situation. Critical thinking is inherent in
making sound clinical reasoning”
Benner, Hughes & Sutphen, 2008
Critical Thinking