VASE powerpoint 2013 - Region 11s VASE

Establishing an Art Community
Promoting A Standard
Improve the Quality of art instruction
Teachers interact with teachers &
students with other students
Recognition for students and programs
Professional Assessment
Scholarship opportunities
Program accountability
National Visual Art Standards established by
the National Art Education Association
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
for Visual Art
VASE and Jr. VASE affords
students a positive
opportunity to develop
creative works of art and to
analyze their artworks with a
trained professional juror
VASE has established a
standard of evaluation
based upon individual and
original student
expression, use of
elements and principles,
and research of media
and art history.
Benefits for Teachers & Students
“VASE made me challenge
myself to accomplish
what I thought I
couldn’t do. Seeing the
art from across the
state gave me new ideas,
inspired me to work on
improving skills and
challenged me to find
new ways to express
Jahaziel Minor
The VASE Events
• Regional Events are held all over the state in the month of February
• Students are evaluated on their Art Work and an Interview about art
• Students that receive a superior rating of a IV, their art work goes on
display during the regional event.
• After all works are juried – a panel of judges selects 10% of the 4
the works to move on to the state event.
• The State event is the first weekend in April at a site to be
• Art work is evaluated at state solely on the work and paperwork
attached (no student interview)
• 10% of the state work is selected to receive a Gold Seal (best of the
• Gold Seal Art Works tour the state until the fall.
WHO? – can compete
• Students – full time grades 9-12 VASE,
grades 6-8 for JR VASE.
• Students must be in good UIL standing on
the day of the regional event.
• Teachers/sponsors – current member of
WHAT? – can compete
• Art Work has to be created between VASE
• Students can compete with up to 2 pieces
of their work.
• 2D work must be no larger than 24”x36”
including mat.
• 3D work cannot be larger than 24”x 24”
x36” and under 50lbs
Digital Arts &
Graphic Design
Mixed Media
Pastels, Graphite, Charcoal,
Chalk, Crayon,
Colored Pencil, Ink, Pencil,
Oil Pastel, Oil Stick, Marker,
Sgraffito, Acrylic,
Watercolor, Gouache,
Casein, Tempura
Stone, Plaster, Clay, Wax
Plastic, Wood, Resin,
Rubber, Paper Mache,
Leather, Metal, Glass
Silver, Wax
Copper, Enamel
Stoneware, Earthenware
Porcelain, Raku
Student Intent Form
Students are asked to write and talk about these things
concerning their art work.
Purpose - Student Research and Application to Work -Explain your purpose
(assignment or individual) in developing this artwork and describe how you achieved that goal. Describe any influences from your study
of art history, artists, or art periods and styles that have contributed to the development of this artwork
Technique - Execution and Technical Skill -Identify the technical skills related to the
medium / media employed in this artwork.
Personal Expression – imagination and individuality-
In what ways
does this artwork represent your individual point of view, imagination, creativity and individuality
Organization – Elements and Principles of art-Identify the use of elements and
principles in the work of art
Integration - Aesthetics and Critical Judgment - Describe the aesthetic and
critical decisions involved in developing this work from original concept to finished product., suitability of expression.
Divisions [Grades 9-12]
Division 1 - (Beginning)
0-1 Credits earned in Art
Division 2 - (Intermediate)
1.5-2 Credits earned
Division 3 - (Difficult)
2.5-3 Credits earned
Division 4 - (Advanced)
3.5 or more Credits or
enrolled in any AP or IB
Divisions [Grades 6-8]
White Division - (Beginning)
Students in this division have
never participated in JrVASE (6, 7
or 8 grade).
Red Division - (Intermediate)
Students in this division have
participated in the White Division of
Blue Division - (Advanced)
Students in this division have
participated in the Red and White
Division of JrVASE. Students may
participate and medal in this
division in more than one year.
All artworks MUST be original
in composition and individual
Art work cannot be from a
published image.
Student must have gotten
permission to use any recognizable
Use of overhead projector or other
means to reproduce or trace art
work is not prohibited.
All resources and references
must be attached to the
back of the art work.
Public Domain images can be
used as long as they are
manipulated and are not the
main idea of the art work.
Cannot use profession photos
– teachers are considered
Artwork from direct
observation is
Junior VASE
• Same standard of
• Modified for
• Grades 6-8
• Increase in
Pre A/P grade 8
The VASE Website
Teachers register yourself
and your students on-line.
Registration starts in November
• You will get an email from me reminding
you that it is time to start registering for our
regional event
Region 11S – Feb. 15 2014
Director – Dallas Williams
Site Director – Chana Jayme
Site Registration - Jackie Robinious
Juror Forman – Marci Lee
Our Web site:
All images are property of the
original artist and taea vase.
Images reference from taea
web site
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