Question Types

• Would you have done what Ben Price did?
• At which point did you find the narrator most
• This question is seeking your opinion.
• For about how long did Twain serve as a
pilot's apprentice?
• Why is Jimmy Valentine in Prison?
• This question is asking your to recall a fact
from the story.
and Contrast
• In what other ways are Joby and the soldiers
alike and not alike?
• In what ways does the Sioux heritage Martin
brags about differ at first from the Sioux
heritage Grandpa describes to him?
and Contrast
• This question is asking you to list similarities
and differences.
• How does the professor seem to be rewarded
for his kindness to the dog?
• What detail suggest that Jimmy might be
cracking safes again?
• This type of question is asking you to figure
out the answer with information given in the
story. The answer will not be stated in the
story like recall questions.
• Under what circumstances, if any, should
physical force be used to solve a problem?
• Why do you think people sometimes confess
or admit to having done something wrong,
even if there is little chance that their
wrongdoing will be discovered?
• This type of question is asking you to apply a
theme or lesson from the story to real life.
• What is the wisest thing the professor says
during the course of the story? Explain.
• Why does Dillard believe the thing can't find
• This type of question is asking you to look at
information in the story and select the fact
you believe best answers the question
• Why do you think Dillard chose to relate this
particular childhood experience?
• Do you think the general has motivated Joby
to keep his promise? Why or why not?
• This type of question is asking your opinion of
a character’s or author’s actions, statements,
or motivations.
• What will happen to Charlie?
• Will the police officers discover the crime?
• This type of question is asking you what will
happen next in the story.
• Is the drummer boy's role as crucial as the
general says? Explain.
• Does Price do the right thing? Explain
• This type of question is asking you to make a
judgment about a character’s decisions,
actions, and statements.
Draw Conclusions
• What are the reasons for the coworkers'
reactions to Charlie's increased intelligence?
• What are the captain's feelings about Brown?
How do you know?
Draw Conclusions
• This type of question is asking you to put story
details together in order to create an
understanding of some story element.
Take a
• Do you think there should be government or
industry regulations that judge the
appropriateness of entertainment such as
movies or music? Why or why not?
• Do you think that Twain should have hit
brown? Explain.
Take a
• This type of question is asking you to take a
stand on an issue and support it.
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