Chapter 16

Chapter 16
Floor Plan Symbols
• Floor plans for a proposed home:
– Provide the owner an opportunity to evaluate
the design in terms of livability and suitability
– Quickly communicate overall construction
requirements to the builder
– Reduce likelihood of errors if they are easy to
Wall Symbols
• Opinions vary
with regard to
how walls are
– Exterior walls
– Interior partitions
Wall Shading and Material
• Shading methods make walls stand out
– Partial walls
– Guardrails
Door Symbol Representations
Window Symbol Representations
• Numbered symbols on the floor plan key
specific items to charts (i.e., schedules)
– Set up many different ways
– When doors and windows are described they
must be keyed
Cabinets, Fixtures, and
Appliances on Floor Plans
• Floor plans include:
– Kitchen
– Bathroom
– Utility room
• Included on floor plans:
– Wardrobe and closets
– Laundry chutes
Common Sizes of Architectural
• Refer to the text for dimensions of:
– Room components
– Plumbing fixtures
– Appliances
– Doors
– Windows
Floor Plan Materials
• Identified on the
floor plan with:
– Notes
– Characteristic
– Key symbols
Stair Planning and Floor Plan
Hallways on Floor Plans
• Hallways provide access to various areas
– May be long or short
– Length and number should be minimal
– May be a unique part of the design
– Minimum width should be 36" (900 mm)
Fireplaces on Floor Plans
• Commonly constructed using masonry
– Other types include:
Direct vent, self-venting, vent-free, and gas
Built-in masonry barbeque
Fireplaces on Floor Plans (cont’d.)
• Other considerations include:
– Cleanout
– Wood storage
– Combustion air
Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances
• Include items such as airtight stoves,
freestanding fireplaces, room heaters, etc.
– Refer to text for general rules regarding:
Floor protection
Wall protection
Combustion air
Air pollution
Room Titles on Floor Plans
• Rooms are labeled with a name on the floor
Other Floor Plan Symbols
• There are many additional symbols
– Hose bibb
– Concrete slab
– Attic and crawl space
– Window well
– Floor drain
– Cross-section
• Floor plans are a key element in a
complete set of architectural drawings
– Clients are interested in floor plans so they can
see how the structure is laid out
– A large variety of symbols and drawing
techniques go into preparing a floor plan
– The challenge is to include all necessary
symbols and notes needed
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