Who lives in a house like this?

Set Design
Stage designers are responsible for designing
stage settings for productions. This can range
from single scene dramas, to complex scenery
and scene
Blood brothers
The story is a contemporary nature vs. nurture
plot, revolving around fraternal twins who were
separated at birth.
The twins' different backgrounds take them to
opposite ends of the social spectrum(Edward is
raised in the Lyon’s house and Mickey is raised
by his birth mother in the Jonhstone house), one
becoming a councillor and the other unemployed
and in prison.
They both fall in love with the same girl, causing
a tear in their friendship and leading to the tragic
deaths of both brothers.
Below is a set for the play blood brothers
Two areas are semi-permanent - the Lyons house (Left) and the
Johnstone house (Right). We see the interior of the Lyons’
comfortable home but usually only the exterior front door of the
Johnstone house
Blood Brothers set Design
As you can see the set designers have
chosen to have the Lyons’ and the
Johnstone’s sets on stage at the same time.
They have chosen to show the social
inequality between the two families by
contrasting the two sides of the stage
Set Design Task
Select one of the plays below and create a stage design
within a shoebox.
The Wizard of Oz
We Will Rock You
Midsummer Night's dream
Alice in wonderland
We would like a 3D model (the size of a shoebox) of
your set design including information on the following:
Why you have chosen that design?
How it relates to the play.
If you have any props on stage you must also provide
an explanation to why they are on there.
Example of a Shoebox set design
Example of a Shoebox set design
Example of a Shoebox set design
You could include a sketches of your design
Birds Eye View