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The sacrament of
Baptism begins with
the blessing of the
water. The candidate
is then baptized with
the triple immersion
in the name of the
Holy Trinity. As
Orthodox Christians,
the Sacrament of
Baptism is our entry
in the church as
members of the Body
of Christ.
There are a number
of important
symbols that are a
part of the Baptismal
Ceremony. The
candles of the
baptism .This light
symbolises the light
of Christ who is the
Light of the World.
The Baptism candle
reminds us that the
light of Christ has
entered the child's
life; and its flame
symbolises the
flame of faith which
will burn throughout
the life of the child.
The font is an
object that
shouldn’t miss
of the baptism.
This is
decorated by
the desire of
the parents.
The priest cuts
hair from the
infant’s head in
the form of a
cross. This is
done on behalf of
the child who
offers a gift to
God, to thank
Him for the great
gift of eternal life
that he has just
Immediately after
Baptism, the
newly baptized
receiver the
Sacrament of
Chrismation ,the
seal of the gift of
the Holy Spirit.
Finally the newly
partakes of the
Sacrament of the
Holy Eucharist
The godparents of
the child to be
baptized must be
active members
of the Orthodox
The godparents
become the
spiritual brothers
and sisters of the
child’s parents.
The godparents
respond during
the Baptismal
service on behalf
of their godchild
to the questions
posed by the
The Holy Act of Baptism
Another point of view
This is the place where the candidates are
baptized. The decision to be baptized is
theirs, decision that comes after believing in
the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It
is considered that they are mature enough to
realize the payment that Jesus did for them.
This is an example of
a church where a
baptism takes place.
In front of the
church is the pastor
who introduces those
who will be baptized
and explains the
importance of this
holy act.
What can be seen here is happening before the
important act of baptism. Those who wear white
clothes are the ones who decided to be
baptized. They have to testify with their mouths
that the decision to surrender their life to Jesus
is just theirs. In fact, the baptism is just an
expression of their hearts, an expression of the
death and resurrection with Jesus.
This is the moment when the pastor of the
church talks about the decision to be baptised.
After talking about their decision and what made
them to take it, the pastor goes into the water
and asks the candidate if he believes in Jesus. If
the answer is affirmative he will be baptized.
Here can be seen the person who is baptisedthe exact moment when he enters into the
water and get out of it
The Lord’s Supper
Only after being baptized, a christian is allowed to
take part to The Lord’s Supper. This is one of the
Greatest command that Jesus gave us.
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Lidia Apetrei
Maria Răbuşapcă