Romeo and Juliet Persuasive Essay

Romeo and Juliet
Persuasive Essay
You have two scenarios for this essay. Choose
a side you feel most comfortable arguing.
#1: Many argue that Romeo and Juliet is not
realistic because of the hasty love affair between
the two main characters. Argue for or against
“young love” or “love at first sight”.
#2 Romeo and Juliet involves a deeply
embedded family feud. Argue for or against
defending one’s family no matter what the cost.
Introductory paragraph
The introduction should be exactly like previous
Start very broad and add on to your first
Introduce specifics: title, author, theme
Add on and state your THESIS.
THESIS: Should be three reasons why you are
for or against a certain idea.
Body Paragraphs
Must have TWO PART topic sentences.
 Use concrete examples in your body
paragraphs, whether they are from real life
or the play.
 Concluding sentence
Summarize your essay
 Your reader should be CONVINCED.
Extra: Quote the play when appropriate or
relevant. Try to do so at least once in the
Rough draft DUE WEDNESDAY 4/30
 You must have your rough draft for peer
editing. Your grade will suffer if you do not
come to class with your essay.