Victorian Women:
Daily Life
Corinne McClenahan and My Lynn
Engl 273
• Around 1848 women in Victorian England were
different throughout the various classes. Society and
the economy had a great deal to do with how they
dressed, behaved, and the present conceptions of
Victorian women
• Many women supported themselves and their
family with paying jobs, as well as already having the
domestic life to return to.
• “Sexuality, intellect, and personal satisfaction were
not emphasized.” (Beeton)
• “Feminine happiness was the result of faithful
execution of domestic duties, making the good
bourgeois wife an angel of the house.” (Beeton)
Choose a class
Underclass Middle
Upper class
Lower than the lowest workers, many women resorted to
prostitution to take care of themselves and their children. The
struggling economy and low job availability left unskilled women to
face poverty, illness, and disease on the streets, many of who were
elderly as well.
• seamstresses, mill workers
• -working on the farm, factories, and
• -wash clothing for upper classes and
are servants
• -some would prepare and sell fish or
make or repair nets
Around the 1840’s women were becoming
more and more responsible for themselves
and their family. As a result, they began
holding occupations including:
tradeswomen, attorneys, hoteliers
engineers, teachers (school mistresses,
Female writers such as Charlotte Bronte
challenged impressions of what is
appropriate behavior for women, through
creating a prominent heroine character in
Jane Eyre (1847)
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“Needlework and teaching were seen as ‘natural’ professions
for women at this time”. (VictorianWeb)
• The Uplands and The Lawn
- Exclusively for wealthy women, lived in these
houses that overlooked the sea and gardens
- if a woman had a good education then she
might become a governess (a woman
employed to teach children in a private
if she was born into a wealthy family, then her
family would set her up with a school or small business
Women of this class usually associated with others of
their class.
Princess Victoria
Woman and daughter dusting parlor."
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