What do young people ask?

Overview of Kids Help Phone
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What is Kids Help Phone?
Free, bilingual, 24/7 phone and web counselling and referral
service for young people of all ages.
Totally anonymous and confidential.
Anywhere in Canada, toll-free.
All counsellors are professionals.
No problem is too big or too small.
In 2010, Kids Help Phone helped the young people of Canada
more than 4,300 times a week!
The new Kids Help Phone campaign
What do young people ask?
Counsellors are trained on more than 50 topics important to kids today.
What do young people ask?
Who contacts Kids Help Phone?
How Kids Help Phone can help
Feelings of frustration, sadness, worry, and uncertainty are
an inevitable part of growing up.
Healthy coping includes asking for help.
Phone Counselling
 Counselling
 Information
 Referral
Ask Us Online
Your Space
Info Booth
Get Involved
How Kids Help Phone can help
Posting a question online
Get help now – you choose how
Sample of our Bullying Pages
True… or False?
Kids Help Phone is only for little kids.
Even though our name is Kids Help Phone, we get calls and
online posts from young people of all ages, from 5 – 20. In fact,
in 2010, more than 30% of contacts were with “kids” 17 and
True… or False?
Kids Help Phone is a crisis line for emergency situations only.
Kids Help Phone counsellors talk to kids about every question
and problem you can imagine – from dating and family problems
to depression and abuse.
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