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Email Basics
April 13, 2015
What is E-mail?
What is E-mail?
• Electronic-mail –
a way of sending
messages between
computers linked
through a network.
What is E-mail?
• Why do I need an
email account?
What is E-mail?
• Parts of an E-mail address
“At” sign
How E-Mail Works
E-mail service options
• Free Internet-based
E-mail accounts
accessible at the
E-mail service options
• (ISP) Internet Service
Provider offers E-mail
accounts as part of
your home Internet
E-mail vs. Website
E-mail vs. Website
•@ - abbreviation of the word “at”.
• when used as part of a email address, it
refers to the host or provider of the email
• http: - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
• is a communications protocol. Its use for
retrieving inter-linked text documents
(hypertext) led to the establishment of the
World Wide Web.
• WWW - World Wide Web
• refers to the internet.
Sign-up Requirements
• Create a User ID
 Unique and not already in use
 Requires a least 4 characters
• Create a Password
 Something you can remember
 Requires a least 6 characters
 Don’t use name or Yahoo ID
 Write down your password
• Create a Security Question
 Used to reset you password should you forget
• Accept User Policy
• Decipher the Captcha
• Complete registration within the time allotted.
First time user may be required to decipher
the CAPTCHA code when creating an
account. signing in for the first time or
sending their first email message.
Dayton Metro Library
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Email Basics
April 13, 2015