The Basics of Expository Essay Writing

The Expository Essay
The purpose of an expository essay is to address an important [or assigned] topic by
stating a clear thesis you will prove.
Your thesis is part of an introductory paragraph which should have several [3-5]
examples you intend to use to prove your thesis. If there are multiple topics you
intend to prove you must find a way to unite or combine them into your thesis
After you have introduced your thesis to the reader you must defend your thesis to
the reader by using your examples and providing specific examples to prove why and
how your thesis is correct. Never make statements that you cannot prove with clear
and convincing evidence.
Your essay should not have rhetorical or open ended questions because they will
nearly always confuse the reader or contradict your thesis.
Finally, your conclusion should serve as a reminder to the reader of how your entire
essay was successful at proving your thesis. While you should not repeat the exact
thesis statement it should be directly related.
Expository Essay Dos and Don’ts
Things you should do
Things you should not do
Have a clear thesis
Have generalizations [all blondes are dumb…]
Use quotes from articles, books and important
people to support your thesis
Have a passive voice [I will write about
Support your thesis with facts
Have superficial statements [Americans are
very happy people]
Have clearly organized, indented paragraphs
[intro, body and conclusion]
Have poor subject-verb agreement [A person
is responsible for their actions]
Proof read your work to ensure to have done
all of the above [have someone else proof read
it as well]
Be dogmatic [There is only one way to field
dress a deer no matter what else anyone says]
Make assumptions [America will have a strong
economy forever]
Talk about us, we, them and they [They always
try to be nice to them no matter what we want
them to think about us].
Talk about feelings [Obama feels that
Republicans are against him]
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