Claims and Theses

Claims and Theses
Ashley, Kourtney, McKayla, Ryan
The Claim versus The Topic
• Topic - general
subject of a writing
• Claim - an
assertion or
proposition; states
arguments, main
idea, or position
• Evaluate the following; are these claims or not? If it's not
a claim, rewrite it (auditorily)
1. People who read novels are more likely to attend sport
events and movies than those who do not.
2. Charter schools are an alternative to public schools.
3. The terms global warming and climate
change describe different perspectives on this complex
4. Plagiarism is a serious problem in today's schools.
Types of Claims
1.Claims of Fact - claims supported by logical,
factual argument and evidence
2.Claims of Value - set up criteria or standards,
and base opinions on how well (or not well)
the subject meets the criteria.
3.Claims of Policy - proposals of change
Claim Examples
• Ex:
/divisi.pdf (claim of fact)
• Ex:
• Ex:
/copp/kew/kewcopp.html (link courtesy of Jon
• Using the previous
activity, determine
the type of claim of
the two strong
claims, and rewrite
the weaker two to be
strong claims and
identify what type of
claim they are
• Thesis - previews the essay by
encapsulating (covering) in clear,
unambiguous language the main
point the writer intends to make
– Closed Thesis - condensed,
limited, specific thesis; makes
specific points
– Open Thesis - general, wideranged, broad thesis; makes NO
specific points
– Counterargument Thesis proposes opposing idea, then
refutes it
• Develop a thesis to address each of the following prompts; do one of all
three kinds, open, closed, and counter.
1. Same-sex classrooms have gone in and out of favor in public
education. Write an essay explaining why you support or oppose
same-sex classrooms in grades 10-12.
2. Write an essay supporting, challenging, or qualifying English author
E.M. Forster's position in the following quotation: "I hate the idea of
causes, and if I had to choose between betraying my country and
betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betraymy
3. Today's world is full of conflicts and controversies. Choose a local or
global issue, and write an essay that considers multiple viewpoints and
proposes a solution or compromise
• Fin.