Best Quant Finance Thesis award

[email protected] in cooperation with TopQuants
and E&Y announce the competition for the:
Master students and their supervisors are
invited to submit high quality theses dealing
with any issues in the area of quantitative
finance: derivatives, risk management, market
modelling, high frequency and algorithmic
trading, and others. Students of any Dutch
university and any MSc program are eligible:
finance, quantitative finance, financial and
actuarial mathematics, econometrics,
mathematics, computer science or any other.
The thesis submitted for the competition must
have a clear quantitative finance focus, contain
high-quality original theoretical and/or
empirical work and the thesis work should be
completed between July 1, 2013 and October
1, 2014.
The deadline for submission is October 1,
The three finalists will be invited to present their work on the Quant
Carreers minisymposium on October 24, 2014, which will be held in
E&Y headquarters. On the same event the winner will be announced.
The author of the winning thesis will receive the prize of 2500 euros
and the results of the research will be published in the bi-annual Top
Quants newsletter.
The jury for the competition consists of: Dr. Diedrik Fokkema (E&Y),
Dr. Hristina Lokvenec-Guleska (NN), Dr. Artem Tsvetkov (ING), Dr.
Herbert Tulleken (SNS) and Drs. Job Prince (Milliman).
The candidates can submit their thesis by emailing the pdf to
Dr. Svetlana Borovkova at [email protected]
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