karl`s clothes

•Karl Otto Lagerfeld was born on 10 of September in 1933.
•Is a German fashion designer.
•He is a creative director for the fashion house Chanel.
• Karl’s clothes have got plain and dark colours.
• Works for DIOR
• got special models for example (Claudia Schiffer)
• in 1984 chef-disigner in the componition of CHANEL
• in 1988 his own colletion called KL
Fashion Fads
• Fashion both in Germany and in Spain are
going back to the 60’s and 70’s…
• Examples:
– Accesories:
Hair styles:
•Ágatha Ruíz de la Prada, was born 22 July in 1960, she is a Spanish
fashion designer.
•She opened her first studio in the Spanish capital and began to
participate in fashion shows in Madrid and Barcelona.
•Her clothes are so succesfull because are so colorfull.
Agatha’s Clothes
•Her clothes has got a lot of colours.
•In 1981 she started designin.
•She use print and uneven clothes as you can see.