13-2 The Great Depression

Monday, February 3rd
1920’s: The U.S. vs Germany
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Precious Time
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FN: 13-2 “Western Democracies Stumble”
Study guide questions 13-15
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The Western Democracies
Chapter 13 Section 2
Today’s Standard
Abbreviated Version:
10.6.1Analyze the effects of WWI and understand the
widespread disappointment with post WWI pre-WWII
Topic – The Great Depression
Essential Question
Identify and explain three causes of the Great
Depression and how it effected the United
States and Europe.
European Debts to the United
Causes of the Great Depression
 World
economy was
like a house of
 U.S. (key card) has
3 weaknesses:
 Uneven
of wealth
 surplus of goods
(American manufacturers make too much stuff)
 Investors
on margin
buy stock
(10% its actual value)
Stock Market Crashes
Black Tuesday - stock
market crashed Oct. 29,
B/C people panic that
most stocks were overvalued
16 million shares sold most at a huge loss
Global depression results
– world trade drops by
Banks and businesses fail;
people loose their land
and homes
Economic Explanations
John Maynard Keynes (an economist) said
gov’ts lack of interference led to
Gov’ts lack of response made depression
Future depression can be prevented by
gov’t spending money to create jobs and
help businesses
Great Depression in US
Highest unemployment ever
Farms in South East devastated
 refuse to rotate crops in order to make
more money
 Result
= topsoil turns to dust
 Massive migration to California and North
The Great Depression [1929-1941]
London in 1930
Paris in 1930
Decrease in World Trade: 19291932
German Unemployment: 1929-1938
The Great Depression [1929-1941]
World Responds to the Crisis
World gov’ts create jobs
and welfare programs
In US, Roosevelt
launches New Deal in
public works
 welfare
 regulations imposed on
banking system & stock
Brother Can you Spare a Dime
As you listen think about how this
song is different then the one from
the 1920’s.
Quick-Write –
Explain how this song represents
the social and economic problems of
the 1930’s.
The “New Napoleons?”
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