Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Application From Section 1.2
Linear Word Problems
Linear Word Problems
 Three types
1. Tells you how fast something is changing
and gives you one data point
2. Gives you two data points and asks for
another data point
3. Gives more than two data points and
you are to choose two
Type 1
A park ranger at Blendon Woods estimated in 2000
there are 6000 deer in the park. She also estimated that
the population was increasing by 75 deer each year.
Find a linear function that describes the deer population
as a function of time since 2000. What will the
population be in year 2007?
Type 1
Alpine college plans to increase tuition $50 per semester
hour each year. In 2001, the tuition was $375 per
semester hour. Find a linear function that describes
tuition as a function of time since 2001. What will the
tuition be in 2007?
Type 2
Namid is examining the calling card portion of his phone
bill. A 4-minute call at the night rate cost $2.65. A 10minute call at the night rate cost $4.75. Find a linear
function that describes cost as a function of time. How
much would it cost to talk for half an hour at the night
Type 2
The American Automobile Manufacturers Association
estimated that 536,000 passenger cars were exported in
1997. In 2001 it was estimated to be 476,000
passenger cars. Find the equation for this linear trend.
Analyzing data from the U.S. Energy Department for the
period between 1920 and 1960 reveals that coal
consumption as a percentage of all energy consumed
(wood, coal, petroleum, natural gas, hydro, and nuclear)
decreased. In 1920 the index was 72% and by 1960 it
had decreased to 22% what was it in 1945, and what
would we expect it to be in 1980?
Tony Marconi’s company manufactures CD-ROM drives.
The company will make $150,000 profit if it
manufactures 100,000 drives, and $1,750,000 profit if it
manufactures 500,000 drives. The relationship between
the number of drives manufactured and the profit is
linear. Write an equation that gives the profit P when n
drives are manufactured.
The surface of Grand Lake is at an elevation of 648 feet.
During the current drought, the water level is dropping at
a rate of 3 inches per day. If this trend continues, write
an equation that gives the elevation in feet of the surface
of Grand Lake after x days.
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Pg 30-32 85-105 odd
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