Berenice Abbott

Berenice Abbott
Sierra Watson
About Berenice
Berenice was born on July 17th 1898 in Springfield, Ohio
She studied at Ohio state university and became involved with
art scene of Greenwich in new York
She studied art in new York, Berlin and Paris
published a Guide to Better Photography (1941).
Bernice Abbott died in Monson, Maine, in 1991.
Photos were shown in Parisian art gallery in 1926,
French Vogue and avant-garde magazines and The
Museum of the City of New York.
New York, 1932
There is light from the city
windows and street lights. The
photo was taken at a high angle
from the top of the Empire
State Building.
The whole city is the main
focus. This picture represents a
vibrant and energetic city. this
picture has some natural
lighting as well.
Canyon: Broadway and Exchange Place JULY 16, 1936
This picture was taken on exchange place to
get the angle she faced the camera
upward. three office towers: the Adams
Building (1914) (center), Exchange
Court (1898) (left), and the North
American Building (1907) (right). It
shows a small amount of light between
the buildings. the buildings have a sort
of jagged shape.
The fabric of construction
She used the narrow gaps
between the high-rise buildings
as a funnel to direct the your
attention into the far distance
where you can barely see an iron
This is a dark picture with a
couple areas of light. this picture
is supposed to demonstrate this
place as a deserted area.
Best known for her black and white photography of new York architecture
and urban design of the 1930s.
Tri-Boro Barber School, 264 Bowery.
This is one of her famous photograph's. I
noticed that the sunlight shines on the
barber school and then in the corner of
darkness there is a man standing there
leaning on the pole. and you can just
barely see a guy staring out the
window. I like the contrast of the light
and the darkness.
1935 - Astoria, Queens; Hell Gate Bridge
This is one of the main bridges in Astoria.
this picture was taken from an Astoria
park. it is the biggest bridge in the
world of it’s type. The bridge is not just
a straight bridge it has a curvy style to
it it stands out more then the usual
she nearly died in the influenza pandemic
Abbott first became involved with photography in 1923, when
Man Ray, was looking for somebody who knew nothing about
photography but would do as he said so he hired her as a
darkroom assistant at his portrait studio in Montparnasse
She then fell in love with photography
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