RECRUITING MEMBERS - ASHRAE Membership Promotion`s

Membership Recruitment
Membership Recruitment
• Consulting design engineers
• Design build and architectural professionals
• Manufacturers
• Environmental health professionals
• Indoor air quality professionals
• Energy professionals
• Food technologists
• Construction management
• Students
• Contractors
• Instructors/professors/university physical plant staff
• Building owners, operators and developers
Membership Recruitment
• Networking with the industry’s leaders
• Access to publications
• Support the industry that provides their livelihood
• To receive the ASHRAE Journal and Handbook
• Access to the latest in technological advancements
• Continuing education credits – PDHs and CEUs
• Member benefits
Membership Recruitment
• It is important the chapter has a balanced membership of
industry representation
• An imbalanced chapter can lead to apathy amongst
underrepresented groups
• Determine where you need to recruit more members and set
goals to grow that area – anyone recruiting for the chapter
should focus on this goal
• Recruiters should have an enthusiastic/positive testimonial
about why they are members, and be prepared to share that
with recruits on a whim
Membership Recruitment
• Tailor chapter programs (meet with CTTC early to help identify
these needs) to meet the needs of your target audience
• Have BOG members from your target audience and even chapter
officers/chairs when possible
• Encourage joint meetings with target audiences (e.g. USGBC, AIA,
• Promote company support of membership - every chance you get!
• Reward companies who support their employees’ participation
(e.g. a slide on your PPT, your newsletter, a special reception)
• Schedule two membership promotion nights and get them on the
chapter calendar (slide 9)
• Have your toolkit (slides 7-8)
Membership Recruitment
Money – it truly does talk. How does ASHRAE membership help people
make more money?
Jobs – how does ASHRAE membership help people keep or get a job?
Technical resources – how does ASHRAE bring technology to their
Education – how does ASHRAE help members build their knowledge
Networking – how does ASHRAE help members build their professional
Fun – though not top on anyone’s list, how does ASHRAE make being a
part of the industry fun?
Recognition – members want to be recognized for their presence, their
volunteer efforts and their commitment to the industry – it’s so easy to
provide this in ASHRAE, and it goes such a long way
These are all questions anyone recruiting should be able to answer!
Membership Recruitment
Tangible toolkit items:
Always have your display of membership materials and even a computer
for helping people join – you need to be sure you know how to join
online…or at least the person who is helping people
Buy member pins and pin your new members quickly
Create a chapter incentive for your current members who recruit a new
member (gift card to Starbuck’s, ASHRAE logo item)
Don’t forget about needed chapter supplies
Membership Recruitment
Intangible toolkit items (the most important):
Be prepared to promote membership at every meeting
Be prepared to sell membership to employers – usually people want to
join, but finances are an issue…they need support
Don’t be the chapter where members only speak to their friends! Be
prepared with a welcoming smile, a handshake and recognize your new
members and visitors - if people aren’t comfortable, they won’t come
Membership Recruitment
• Hold the first membership promotion night no later than
• Offer an incentive for new members
• Offer recognition for existing members
• Offer recognition for companies who support membership
• Have your toolkit
• Show Sustaining Momentum video and PPT available online
• Recognize guests and have a recruitment goal prepared
• Deliver informal awards for members who have done something
special, accomplished something
• Follow up within two days with all visitors and those who join for
the first time
Membership Recruitment
• ASHRAE offers a special dues rate for members residing in
countries with developing economies per the World Bank List of
• Former members who want to reinstate their membership to
retain their original election date – all requests should go to
[email protected]
• Former members who wish to rejoin and use the same member
number, but who are not concerned with original election date,
should log on and click Join ASHRAE
• Student membership is pivotal in building the future of the
industry, Society and your local chapter – most chapters support
student membership at some level and it is a best practice
Membership Recruitment
YEA Institute
• Any Affiliate, Associate or Member age 35 and younger
• Provides educational and leadership opportunities specifically for
ASHRAE’s young professional members
• YEA has a wealth of resources including:
Member spotlights
Mentoring programs
Recommended chapter programs
Facebook presence with regular updates
Society conference events
Leadership weekend
New Faces of Engineering for ASHRAE (an EWeek Activity)
Membership Recruitment
If they apply online, they should indicate your chapter as their preferred
chapter – if they don’t , our system is set to default by postal code (US
and Canada and some international countries) or in some cases by
country to your chapter
MP chairs should always check their master roster and follow up on any
new members not appearing on the roster
Applications for Member grade and current members who wish to
advance, can only do so by updating their member bio with relevant
education, work experience and licenses
There is a slight delay in processing full Member applications because
they must be reviewed – information about the review process is
available online
New members receive a new member newsletter from the Society
president via email
New members receive a new member packet with membership card and
certificate in no more than six weeks
Membership Recruitment
• What questions do you have about membership recruitment?