Small Groups Leader Training

Small Group
Leader Training
•Home Cell Group Explosion
Pastoral Care
Let your Personality be ….
Don’t try to be anyone but you.
•The Bible is full of true stories
about unlikely people God used
to be effective leaders.
•The only difference is they were
willing to trust God
•Relax, be yourself and …..
Of all variables for successful small groups, the
leader’s devotional life is always in the top three.
0 to 15 minutes
15 to 30 minutes
30 to 60 minutes
60 to 90 minutes
90 minutes +
Luke 5:16 tells us that “Jesus slipped
away to a lonely place to spend time
with the Father.”
Mark 1:35 says that, “Jesus would
arise early to meet with the Father.”
2 Easy Ways to Measure Progress
in Your Small Group
True or False – Size matters?
False - Real results are measured by the people
within your group catching the vision for
reproduction (multiplication) and they are
excited by it.
True or False – Goals determine results
True – Goals are as great as a leader.
Truth Key – God will determine the
results within your group.
Success is About Relationships
•God is in the relationship business.
•Cultivating relationships is your primary calling
and responsibility.
•As you prepare each week ask God how can our
group better cultivate good relationships in our
groups and with the immediate circle of influence
of each member of the group.
•Plan events to cultivate relationships
When the people in your
group just love spending time
with each other and want to
cultivate relationships with
others success has occurred.
Success is Shared
You as the Small Group Leader facilitate,
God’s Spirit. As you facilitate your group you
want to constantly make everyone aware of
how significant their contribution to the
group is. Look for group members that you
can encourage on a spiritual level and it will
become contagious.
Practical Exercise
Session 2
How to Effectively Multiply Your Small Group
Creating a Community that Duplicates Itself
Question: Name the most successful fast food
company of all time?
For many reasons churches tend to stop
duplicating but God’s plan was never for this to
happen. Rather, Jesus trained some men and
then turned the future of the church over to
them. He did this with a promise of course. The
promise of the Holy Spirit and the promise that
He would always be with us.
These two promises we need to always
keep on our minds
As a Small Group Leader no one is
in a better position to recruit new
leadership than you.
Proverbs 11:14
In Order to Keep Your Small Group Vibrant You
Need to Embrace Change
Fellowship is Key!
It is easy to get hooked on snacks and small
talk. But, to keep your fellowship healthy you
will need to move outside the box and invite
the unsaved.
Think Large Keep it Small
How does a Small Group Leader keep his or her
group focused on the main thing?
Repetition + Creative Ideas = Remembering
Creative Idea
Moving Outside the Box
Lord’s Supper
We encourage praying for and visiting the sick
and homebound.
Your small group is not just about Bible
Study, Prayer and Multiplication. It’s
also about building a missional minded
As a leader encourage your group to
look for new and unique ways to
minister to the community.
Listen to new ideas and never let
preconceived ideas get in the way of
Jesus was not Conventional!
Two books for further reading :
Home Cell Group Explosion (How your small
group can grow and multiply) Joel Comiskey
Making Cell Groups Work – M. Scott Boren
Small Group
Leader Training