Red Kayak - T. Jasmine`s English Class

Red Kayak
5th Grade
T. Jasmine
Character and Plot
• Characters are the people or
animals in a story.
• Plot is the pattern of events in a
• Usually, plots happen in sequential
• A plot has conflict, or problem; rising
action, when the conflict builds; a
climax, when characters meet the
conflict; and a resolution, when the
conflict is resolved.
Words to Know
• Compressions
• Minute
Intentionally • Neutral
• In a normal way.
• To mutter in discontent;
complain in a badtempered way; find
• Done on purpose; meant;
planned; intended.
• In an insistent manner.
• Act or process of
• Very small; tiny.
• Going into or concerned
with small details.
• Position of gears when
they do not transmit
motion from the engine to
the wheels or other
working parts.
Red Kayak
Realistic Fiction
• Deals with characters
and events that seems
real but are created by
the author. As you read,
notice how the author
makes the characters
and events come to life.
Guided Questions
• What do you think will happen
to Brady and Tilly as they
search for the red kayak?
• What clues in the text indicate
that Brady might be nervous
about searching the creek?
• Do you understand why Brady’s
own accident has such an effect
on him?
Guided Questions
• Why is it a good idea for
Brady to have a cell phone?
• Why does Brady say that
time was limited? Reread
for clues.
• Why do you think Tilly
started barking?
Guided Questions
• What clues suggests that
Brady might be close to
finding Ben?
• Why is seeing a spot of
yellow so important to
Brady? Reread to find out.
Guided Questions
• What do you think Brady will
do after he drops his cell
• Do you understand why
Brady is trying to find out
about Ben’s condition?
Reread to find out.
Guided Questions
• What is CPR? How can you
find out?
• What is Ben’s focus? How
do you know?
Guided Questions
• Why wouldn’t Brady know
how he got to the landing?
Reread for clues?
• Based on the text and the
illustration, what can you tell
about Ben’s situation?
Guided Questions
• What is the policeman’s
opinion of Ben? How do you
• Do you understand what
Ben means by “I had
straddled the invisible line
between life and death?
Reread to find out.
Think Critically
• Think about the challenges
Brady faced to rescue Ben.
What do you think makes
people act to save others? What
would you have done?
• What are Brady’s character
traits and how these affected
the incidents in the story?
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