What are conventional signs?

What are conventional signs?
 Conventional
signs are symbols used
on maps to represent different
 The symbols are explained in the key
of the map.
What are the colors used on a map?
– water bodies such as
 Black / grey – man-made features
including buildings, paths, slope, etc.
 Brown – contour lines and sands.
 Green – natural vegetation; park; farmland
 Red/ pink – roads
 Blue
What are the common symbols used
on a 1:20 000 map of Hong Kong?
 1:20
000 maps are common maps used in
Hong Kong to show physical and human
 For examples :Human feature -- Fire
station, sports ground, hospital, railway
station, school, etc.
 Physical features – sand, woodland,
cultivation, swamp, etc.
Do conventional signs differ on
different maps?
 Maps
can be drawn at different scales.
Some are larger map scales, but some are
small scale maps.
 Maps with different scales have different
conventional signs.