Review article 14 Computers and Education

Review article 14
Ngu, B. H. & Soubakeavathi Rethinasamy. 2006. Evaluating a CALL
software on the learning of English prepositions. Computers and
Education, 47 (1), 41-55.
This article evaluates the effectiveness of a CALL lesson (Computer Assisted
Language Learning) when compared with a conventional lesson in assisting
students to learn English prepositions in a Malaysian school. The study
indicates that students who received conventional teaching performed better
than those who went through the CALL lesson. It was observed that there was
greater improvement from a pre-test to post test for the conventional group
rather than the CALL group. It also shows that the conventional group with
the latter exerting more mental effort and achieving a lower transfer
performance than the former. The authors/ researchers suggest that to
facilitate the transfer of learning, the design of an educational software
package needs to minimize the mental effort required to handle the medium
and the content.
Keywords: Computer assisted language learning; English prepositions;
Conditional teaching; Malaysia.