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Dr. Carole Redline. Consultant,
Coordinator K-12 Certificate of Online Adjunct Teaching
Look up ScoopIt on the Web and you might find this.
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It has a . between the two words.
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Picture taken from
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Pic from
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Videos that will help clarify:
• Video: How it works
• Explore the community of scoop it
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Sites I have Created and Joined
• Early Childhood
• Early childhood teachers are the first to say,
“There is nothing for me but there is
something for everyone.
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• Internet Safety
Student centered learning
Blended Learning
Free Web 2.0
For COAT Class
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Create a Free Account: Put your name together with no
spaces because it will become your web address
Upload later
Use numbers if necessary like this
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Most really worthwhile programs require that you reply to an email that
was sent to you in order to move forward. I choose not to sign up with
social media I can do that later and only to the most important sites.
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Check your mailbox to confirm your request for an
account. There will be a link to click in your mail.
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The new version asks you to list your interest and
then suggests sites immediately.
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You will be asked to name your topic. That is tricky
because you cannot pick a name someone else might
have. My trick is to combine ideas to make the topic
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You will be given lots of choices for apps.
Choices for iPad, Android, PC etc.
Now it is your turn: Create an Account
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Scoop it was designed for business
put education or teacher or something like that to direct the best
If I don’t like a suggestion I put them it in the trash and perform
my own search.
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After you scoop it to your site you will need to curate and publish. Other
ideas come from searches. Still other come directly
from the
Publish below the curate box.
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You can look at each site and decide if you want to keep it /scoop it. By clicking
the green button. But he can also delete any sites that were not helpful.
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When you choose a site, review it and make notes here. Deleting
sites and describing the usefulness of sites. Be sure to describe
and evaluate. Model this idea for your students.
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The bookmarklet enables you to scoop sites as you browse the
web. It makes scooping so easy. Just drag it to your favorites bar.
Look for the bookmarklet under the drop down menu below your
name .
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Look at the options under your name.
Always explore all the options under
pull down menus.
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Scoop it has great support.
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Get your questions answered
Sorry for the long address but it does take you directly to a place where you can
ask for help. It is a hot link!
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Excellent student examples
• How lucky can I get?
The week before this workshop I got the following message from
one of my former students:
“I was in one of your tech classes this summer and I loved it. Thank you
again. Please see the attachment to view how I used Scoop it with To Kill a
Mockingbird. My 8th grade students really enjoyed it and the results were
Laura Graham Fetters
Blessed Sacrament School
Middle School Language Arts 6/7/8 Washington DC
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To Kill a Mockingbird Assignment
Mrs. Fetters
One of the fascinating components to literature studies is finding parallels
between literary work and other genres.
For this assignment, you will create a page that will be a compilation
of various writings and artwork related to a character in To Kill a Mockingbird.
Part I. Required content includes…
Two books that have similar characters as the character you chose.
Two songs that have similar themes/struggles/emotions pertinent to the
Two articles that are related to the character’s plot line and/or interests
Two works of art that depict emotions that the character experiences
One poem by a well-known poet that depicts similar themes/emotions
related to the character
A toy/hobby/interest you believe this character would like.
NOTE: FOUR other “scoops” must be added to your page for completion.
You will have to decide what those will be, and you should try to include a variety
of ideas.
[email protected] #powersquawk
NOTE: You must check your scoops to make sure that they are appropriate for a
Catholic school. Since scoops link to the articles, I will be reading the materials
and deducting points if it is inappropriate. Take time to check your
Part II. Each scoop must include an insight under it, and the format of the page
allows you to do this. Insights should include an explanation of how the scoop
relates to the character and any additional specifics that would make it
Part III. Find a picture or artwork that will be a permanent graphic for your page.
You can do this under the “manage” tab.
Be creative. Be cautious. Be awesome.
Link to Liza's page about Calpurnia- the maid in To Kill a Mockingbird.
Link to Christopher's page about Atticus.
[email protected] #powersquawk
Workshop goals:
1. Create a account
2. Confirm the request to join in your email.
3. Create a topic
4.Search for ideas in the program
5.Follow other experts
6.Scoop several sites and publish them, describe them in text
7.Install the bookmarklet (remember it is under the pull down menu under your
8.Drag it to your favorites bar or right click on the bookmarklet and add to
9.Surf the web and use the bookmarklet to publish directly to your scoop it site.
[email protected] #powersquawk
Have fun
Scoop it
You can have several topics
Now it is up to you to brainstorm how you and
your class might use this tool!
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