What is a Narration Essay?

What is a Narration Essay?
“Never leave that till to-morrow which you can do today.”
Benjamin Franklin
Defining narration:
Narration means telling a story.
However, this story must be used
to prove a point.
For example, you could write a
story illustrating the following
Working hard pays off
Honesty is the best policy
Better safe that sorry
You pay a price for being late to class
Being prepared can never hurt
A true friend is better than a pot of gold
How do you go about writing
a narrative essay?
Keeping the following points in mind. . .
Have a setting(time and place) and a main
Use “who,” “what,” “why,” “when,” “where,” and
“how” to guide your thinking
Use a progression of action and time in the story
Story must have a beginning, middle, and end
Use as concrete details
How should you organize the
narrative essay?
The essay should have at least
five parts
Body Paragraph 1
Body Paragraph 2
Body Paragraph 3
Let’s see what you need to do in each section . . .
In the Introduction you need
to have . . .
Lead-in: Introduce the topic in an
interesting way
Transition: Present the background
information on this event
Thesis statement: Present your point of
view on this event and at least three
major points of the story
In the Body paragraphs, you
need to follow this pattern.
Topic sentence: Present major point
Supporting Details: Present the details
in the order of time
Closing Remarks: Wrap up the whole
paragraph in one sentence
Restate the thesis statement
Extend the significance of the story
To understand more fully the
process of writing a narrative
essay , it would be a good
idea to read some examples.