English 1 Honors Is it right for my child?

English 1 Honors
Is it right for your child?
Carsten Cheung
Jaime Angell
Melanie White
• All work turned in – complete, on time, and
“Incoming English 1 Honors students should know that
responsibility and time are two huge concepts required for
English 1 Honors.”
- English 1 Honors Student
• To do work and not procrastinate
“You have to work really hard and you need the motivation to
keep going and patience to finish; it doesn’t come easy.”
- English 1 Honors Student
Active Interest in the Subject
• Wants to learn to be a better writer
• Willing to read various genres of literature
• Eager to become a deeper thinker
“If you [got] an A in normal English, don’t expect to easily get an
A in this class.”
- English 1 Honors Student
Willing to take risks
• In writing
• In reading
• Participation in class
Students must “be able to speak up during class. Class
participation really matters.”
- English 1 Honors Student
• Make sure your child is certain English 1
Honors is the best choice for him / her
based on the criteria just presented.
“Consult with your children and ask them what they want to do.
Telling / forcing them to take a class they’re not fully into taking is
not the best idea.”
- English 1 Honors Student
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