Motivate - Business Case Studies

Aims, missions and objectives
Aims are the long-term goals of a business as
a whole
Examples of aims:
 To provide maximum return for investors
 To meet the needs of the local community and
society as a whole
 To allow employees to reach their full potential
The aims set by a business will depend on the needs of
the stakeholders it hopes to benefit.
Mission statement
A mission statement is a written expression of
the aims of the business
Mission statement
The mission statement draws together the purpose,
values, beliefs and non-financial goals of an
Examples include:
 Long term business success based on newly invented,
innovatively designed products – James Dyson
 Exceed customers’ expectations in the transfer of
their goods and documents around the world - TNT
Purpose of a mission statement
 To communicate the business aims to stakeholders
 To motivate employees
 To act as a PR tool to create an image for the
 Develop customer loyalty
Objectives are short, medium or long-term
targets. They are stepping stones for
achieving organisational aims.
Purpose of objectives
 Provide direction and focus for meeting corporate
Motivate employees
Give a set time scale for achievement
Enable a firm to control and monitor
Allow for co-ordination of different business
SMART objectives
Specific – to the given business
Measurable – by using a value
Achievable – with the given resources
Relevant – to the overall aims of the business
Timed - within a deadline
e.g. To improve TNT’s carbon efficiency by 45% by
2020 measured against the 2007 baseline