Workshop 2: Learning Contracts

Workshop 2: Learning Contracts
What is a learning contract?
• Forms the basis of a LEARNING PLAN for self
development – in this case in relation to the NMC
• Sets out what the student’s learning aims and
objectives are
• States how the student is going to meet those aims
and objectives
• States what evidence the student is going to
produce to demonstrate achievement of those aims
and objectives
How to develop a learning contract
• Self assessment
• Consider the practice competencies and course
learning outcomes in the context of your own
• Set priority aims and objective
• Plan your learning – literature, taught sessions +
tutor, opportunities in practice + mentor.
How to develop a learning contract
• Decide what you will use as evidence that
you have achieved your aims and objectives
• Evaluate your progress at intervals, reassess
learning needs, develop further or additional
Format of learning contracts
• Aims and objectives – what you are
planning to achieve
• Resources/strategies – how you intend to
achieve your objectives
• Evidence of achievement – what you are
putting in your portfolio to demonstrate
achievement of your learning objectives
What can I use for evidence?