PowerPoint 1 – What is TDL

What is TDL?
What is TDL
• T = Transportation
• D = Distribution
• L = Logistics
• A TDL Overview:
• The planning, management, and movement of people, materials,
and goods by road, pipeline, air, rail and water and related
professional and technical support services such as transportation
infrastructure planning and management, logistics services, mobile
equipment and facility maintenance.
What is Transportation
• Transportation:
• The movement of people or
products from one place to
• Five different modes of
Air or Airfreight
Motor Carriers or Truckloads
Pipeline and Slurry Systems
What is Transportation
• Intermodal:
• Transportation system that
combines various modes of
transportation to move people
and products.
• EXAMPLE: Ship to Rail to Truck
• Piggyback Transportation
• Truck trailer on rail flatcar or
container on rail flatcar. Takes
advantage of railroad’s low
transportation costs.
What is Distribution
• The process by which commodities get to final consumers,
including storing, selling, shipping, and advertising.
• Supply Chain
• Includes all parties involved moving product from start to finish:
purchasing, production, distribution, suppliers and customers.
• Supply Chain Management
• Basically the management of interactions between all parties in the
supply chain. Supply Chain Managers can manage one part or the
whole supply chain of a particular product.
• The planning, execution and control of the movement and
placement of people and/or goods.
• The supporting activities related to the movement and
placement of people and/or goods.
What is the difference?
• Transportation:
• Physically moving people and things.
• Distribution:
• The process in which items are circulated and
• Typically trough the supply chain.
• Supply Chain Manager will manage on products or one
company’s supply chain.
• Logistics:
• Planning, execution and control of the distribution of
people and products.