Shirlee Adams Power Point

Shirlee Adams
Alberta Water Colour artist
Mixed Media, Painter
Sherwood Park, Alberta
• ShirLee was born in Chicago, Illinois. She majored in
• Her studies included: oils, acrylics, china painting, but
her real love, is watercolours and Dyes on Silk.
• ShirLee married an Albertan, Martin Adamson, and after
living in Edmonton area since 1959, she became a
Canadian Citizen.
• She is an active member of the Society of Western
Canadian Artists. She likes to try new mediums, and new
ideas which continually stretch her talents and makes Art
so compelling for her.
Use an artist’s work to learn about
Water colour techniques
Early sunrise of the acreage
Water colour tools
Water colours can travel too!
Create an Alberta Landscape
Whirlpool River in Jasper
Wet on wet technique
A dramatic sky
Add a wash to create a blue sky.
Leave a white space for clouds
Dramatic skies with very little paint.
Midnight magic
Storm brewing
A starry night can be created with
salt sprinkled on the wet page.
Hale Bopp in silhouette
Create a wash of green for the
Add a hill of a second green behind
the first.
A very light touch creates
Winter solitude
Now add water colour trees
Add skinny tree trunks
Add small branches
Add leaves by dappling
Add some darker green for
Close up of dappled leaves
A friendly Crow
Add some shadows under the trees
Consider where the light is coming
Sunbeams through the Birch
Add some yellow highlights
towards the light
Add colours for interest in the sky
and reflection in the water.
After the storm in Kindersbrook
Paint reflections in the water
Tranquil water Lac Beauvert
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