Official Languages in Education Programs Update

Federal funding to support Frenchlanguage Program Initiatives (FI and FSL)
Pending protocol approval and
announcement by Canadian
Heritage and related Alberta-Canada
Official Languages in Education
Programs (OLEP), Alberta Education
General criteria
• Achieve significant advancement and improvement in French second
language programs in Alberta
• Term: 5 years
• Share of funding
• Matching basis
Submission of proposals
• School jurisdictions
• Collaboration and partnerships among stakeholders are strongly
• Terms of proposals
• New or renewal and identify project under 2009-2013 Protocol
Projects’ criteria
1) Identify areas of intervention:
Student Participation
Provision of Programs
Student Performance
Enriched School Environment
Support for educational staff and research
2) Identify the connection to Inspiring Education
• Learner focused
• Direct impact on learners by providing opportunities or indirect impact on learners via meaningful
professional development
• Sharing of knowledge via collaboration and partnerships among stakeholders
3) Measurable outcomes
• If it is a renewal, identify one additional aspect to emphasize in light of the last 4 years results
• Demonstrating how the project is making a difference: targets, benchmarks and perspectives.
How to apply (in anticipation of Protocol
and agreement approval)
1) Application templates and instructions available May 10th at
2) Anticipated Timelines:
Protocol approval: May-June 2013
Submission of completed proposals: June 28th
Alberta-Canada Agreement: July-September 2013
Funding Allocations: September-October 2013
Individual Teacher Bursary Program
• Planning to post applications in June 2013
• Exceptions to be made due to the special circumstances
Vivian Abboud
Team Leader, Official Languages in Education Programs (OLEP)
9th Floor, 44 Capital Boulevard
10044-108 Street
Edmonton AB T5J 5E6
Phone: 780-427-5538
Fax.: 780-422-1947
Email: [email protected]
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