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Goal 5: Pain

• There are many ways to measure Pain

Management in nursing homes.

• Different organizations use different tools, so the nice thing about the campaign and using this tool is that it provides a national standardized way to track nursing home Pain Management. www.nhqualitycampaign.org

Pain Tool Use

Use of this tool is not required. However we encourage nursing homes to use this tool to track your Pain Management because it automatically calculates, trends and graphs Pain

Management on a quarterly basis with a standardized methodology.


Pain Campaign Resources

• Implementation Guide

• Pain Fact Sheets

– 1 for consumers

– 1 for nursing home staff

• Tracking Tool & Instructional Webex

• Video’s, Guidance and much more

Website: Pain Resources


Pain – Goal Definition

Goal 5 Pain:

• Goal: Nursing home residents will receive appropriate care to prevent and minimize episodes of moderate or severe pain.

• Objectives for long stay and short stay are slightly different.

•Section A relating to Chronic Care (or Long Term)

Resident’s Pain and

•Section B relating to the Post Acute Care (or Short

Stay) Resident’s Pain

The tool allows you to record the presence of pain symptoms for both short-term stay and long-term stay residents. www.nhqualitycampaign.org

WebEx Training Modules

How to Use the Tools


Using The Pain Tool

• Go to the Goal and download the tool into your computer.

• You will need Excel

• Save the tool to your computer BEFORE you enter any data – we suggest you put a date on the tool as you save it

• Size the tool to fit your computer

• Gathered information before filling out the tool.

• Data is entered in the blue columns and you will use drop down boxes www.nhqualitycampaign.org

Special Tool Features

• Allows nursing home to monitor Pain for both long stay and short stay residents

• This is a quarterly tool tied to resident Care

Planning dates

• The data is entered each week for 12 weeks. At the end of 12 weeks you will start with a fresh tool. You may start and end your 12 weeks any time suitable for your nursing home. You may choose to start at the beginning of a quarter. www.nhqualitycampaign.org

Pain Tool Instructions

Instructions: Generate a list of all residents who will be reviewed in the care planning meeting each week. Complete this form as you proceed through the assessment and care planning process. Enter the resident's name and check the boxes that apply for that resident. If a resident does not have pain, you do not need to answer the remaining questions for pain. www.nhqualitycampaign.org

Pain Tool

The Pain Tool Does NOT Calculate the nursing home’s pain rate!

It looks at individual residents severity of pain and treatment once in a 12 week period.


Tool Tracking and Trending

• The tool creates four different tracking and trending graphs on the second to last tab of the spreadsheet.

• These graphs can be used for your quality improvement committee or to print off and to post in your home to inform others of your quality improvement efforts.

• The graphs provided by the tool include:

1. Pain management for long stay residents

2. Pain management short stay residents

3. The frequency of response type on verbal descriptor scale

4. The average worst pain www.nhqualitycampaign.org

Where to Find the Information

Information and data used to put in the tools will be gathered by you before filling out the tool. This information can be found primarily in the resident

MDS 3.0 Section J.

Other sources of pain data include:

• Computer vendor MDS 3 reports.

• In the Medication and Treatment Administration Records


• Pain Management Tracking reduction committee notes

• Physical, occupational and other therapy records, activities notes

• Individual resident medical records www.nhqualitycampaign.org

No Campaign Data Entry

There is no Campaign Website Data entry required for the Pain goal or any of the clinical goals.

This tools is provided for your internal tracking, monitoring and quality improvement purposes

Website data entry is only required for the

“organizational” goals (goal #’s1,2,6,7 & 8) www.nhqualitycampaign.org

Pain Tracking Tool



Pain Tool Welcome Page www.nhqualitycampaign.org

Pain Tool Instruction Page www.nhqualitycampaign.org

Pain Tool Q & A Page www.nhqualitycampaign.org

Pain Data Entry Page Week 1 www.nhqualitycampaign.org

Pain Data Summary Page Populated with Data www.nhqualitycampaign.org

Pain Graph / Trends Page www.nhqualitycampaign.org

Changes Documentaiton Page www.nhqualitycampaign.org

Thank You!

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