Preparation of the Body

Preparation of the Body
Lesson 3
Lesson Objectives
What are the aspects of skill related fitness?
• Which one of these is most important to
badminton and why?
• How do you test skill related fitness?
• Court based?
• Standardised Test?
Court-based Testing
• To gather data on local muscular endurance specifically
related to badminton you will complete a scatter gram.
• You will complete a 12 minute game.
• The positioning of your shots will be marked on a scatter
gram by your partner.
• Shots played in the first 4 minutes will be marked with a
red pen, the second 4 minutes with a black pen and the
last 4 minutes with a blue pen.
What will this data show us?
• The positioning of our shots as the game progresses.
• What pattern are you likely to see if you have poor local
muscular endurance?
• Shots will be positioned in the corners at the beginning
of the game but as the game progresses and our
muscles struggle to cope with the demands of the game
shots are likely to go into the centre of the court as we
are unable to move quickly enough to prepare properly
for the shot.
Skill-related Fitness
• Aspects of skill-related fitness:
1. Reaction time
2. Agility
3. Coordination
4. Balance
TASK: Write a short definition for each aspect of skillrelated fitness. You can use your text books!
Aspects of Skill-related Fitness
• TASK: Match the following activities with the aspect of skill related
fitness required most for them.
• Badminton
• 100m Sprinting
• Gymnastics
• Skiing
Aspects of Skill-related Fitness
Badminton = Agility
100m Sprinting = Reaction time
Gymnastics = Coordination
Skiing = Balance
• Why is agility important for badminton?
• Being an agile badminton player will allow you to reach,
lunge, change direction easily and react quickly to get to
the place on the court where you need to be to return the
shuttle effectively.
Testing Agility
• The standardised test for Agility is the ILLINOIS AGILITY TEST.
• The test procedure is as follows:
1. Mark out an area 10 metres in length and 5 m in width using 4
2. 4 cones are placed long ways down the centre of the area.
These cones are 3.3m apart.
3. You lie face down on the floor at the start point.
4. On the assistant’s command you jump to your feet and move
round the cones to the finish.
5. The assistant records the total time taken from their command to
you completing the course.
6. You had 3 attempts and recorded your best score.
Testing Agility
The activity specific test for agility is the TIMED FAN DRILL.
The test is completed as follows:
The participants starts in the centre of the court.
They take a shuttle from the centre out to each of the 4 corners returning to the centre each time a shuttle is placed on the ground.
The participant then repeats the process but returns the shuttles to
the centre.
The time is stopped when the last shuttle is returned to the centre.
The test is carried out 3 times with the best time being recorded.
• Describe the court based test for muscular
– observation schedule (scatter gram)
– What does the data tell you about your
muscular endurance?
– Describe what effect this had on your
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