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Lesson 2 – Connector
With your partner define the components of ___ ____
Connector: Spot the SIX
Components of Physical Fitness (A1):
Two types of fitness
Physical fitness
 AE
 ME
 MS
 BC
Skill related fitness
Components of skill-related fitness A.2 – Watch the
videos and explain which one best fits the
Reaction Time
Agility: Definition
“ Ability of a sports performer to quickly
and precisely move or change direction
without losing balance or time”
Why it’s important in sport
Netballer can feint and
dodge to lose a marker
and receive the ball
Rugby player can “step”
an opponent to beat
Basketballer can dribble
in and out of opponents
at speed
Balance: Definition
“ Ability to maintain centre of mass over a
base of support”
Types of balance:
Types of balance
 Keeping the body still and staying steady
 (E.g.) Handstand in Gymnastics
 Staying steady when moving
 (E.g.) Rugby player staying on their feet
when an opponent is trying to tackle
Why it’s important in sport
Gymnast can maintain
their position on the
beam without falling off
Footballer can evade a
tackle and keep dribbling
without falling over
Moving in and out of
slalom posts when skiing
Coordination: Definition
“Smooth flow of movement needed to
perform a motor task efficiently and
 Using two limbs
Why it’s important in sport
Hand-eye coordination
needed to serve in tennis
Foot-eye coordination
needed to kick for goal
in rugby
Power: Definition
“The product of strength and speed”
Expressed as work done in a unit of time
Why it’s important in sport
 Javelin throw – Speed during the approach
and arm speed and strength needed to
throw the javelin
Football goal-kick – Run-up from the
goalkeeper and weight that they put
behind the ball to propel down the field
Reaction Time: Definition
“ Time taken for a sports performer to
respond to a stimulus and the initiation of
their response”
Why it’s important in sport
50M Swimming race – Time it takes for
the swimmer to enter the water to get a
head start
Goalkeeper trying to save a penalty/free
kick before the ball hits the back of the
Home learning
You have been appointed to coach the
Year 7 Football or Netball team.
 Decide which components of physical and
skill related fitness you will prioritise
when you start to plan their pre-season
training. Put them in order and explain
your choice.
Name the components of skill
related fitness – Prove it review
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