SCORE Public Service
SCORE Mentors and Clients are Helping America;
Get the Word out in Your Community
SCORE: An Overview
SCORE was formed in 1964 as a resource partner of the Small Business
Administration whose mission is to help aspiring and existing businesses
13,000 volunteer across 350 chapters
1 million hours of service donated by volunteers
501,000 total services delivered annually
360,000 people served annually
20,000 new businesses created annually
25,000 jobs created annually
Improving Small Business Success
SCORE Increases Hometown Service
to Our Community & Partners
• Help create 25,000+ jobs each year.*
• 20,000 new businesses created annually.*
• 1 in 7 SCORE clients creates a job.*
• Changing needs of small businesses.
• Future of adult learning and
• Future role of technology and web resources
A Singular focus, the Power of Many
Source: SBA report to Congress
Let’s Work Together for a Prosperous Community of
Local Small Businesses
A Community Connected.
We work with you to improve local
small business success.
An Alliance for Success.
• Customized programs for your viewers
and listeners.
• Increased loyalty and allegiance from your
viewers and listeners.
• Increased traffic to your stations and their
respective online components i.e. websites
and social media outlets.
PSA Overall Goals
• Help the American economy by achieving SCORE’s Goal:
Grow One million successful small businesses before 2017.
• Help your viewers/listeners realize their dreams of small
business ownership.
• Create commerce and jobs in your community.
• Create more potential advertisers for your station.
• Inspire new and existing volunteers to take action to make a
difference through their service with SCORE.
SCORE’s Spots are Compelling and Inspiring
1. SCORE client - Existing Business Success story
2. SCORE client – Start-up business Success story
3. Overall story of SCORE
4. Overall story of SCORE (Spanish)
5. Call for Volunteers
6. Call for Volunteers (Spanish)
Spot #1
SCORE Client - Existing Business Success Story
Key messages:
– If a business is started as a byproduct of a hobby, SCORE can help small
business owners learn the fundamentals of small business ownership, i.e.
financial planning, marketing and advertising, employee management etc.
– SCORE mentors listen and provide advice and guidance based on their real
world business experiences.
Audience outcomes:
– Think: SCORE is a professional, valuable expert resource that can help my
business grow at no cost to me. Whether I’m a new entrepreneur or an
existing business, I can ask questions and get answers from SCORE’s valuable
mentors and online resources.
– Feel: This TV/radio station and SCORE care. During tough economic times,
they remind me that small business owners do not have to “go it alone”.
– Do: Find my local chapter and request SCORE mentoring.
Spot #2
SCORE Client – Start-up Business Success Story
Key messages:
– Small business ownership starts with passion & doing something one believes
– It is natural to be confused and overwhelmed at the onset of small business
ownership-SCORE can help potential small business owners start off on the
right track to help them sustain success in your community.
– Small business owners have the power to create commerce and jobs in their
respective community while doing what they enjoy.
Audience outcomes:
– Think: SCORE is a professional, valuable expert resource that can help my
business grow at no cost to me. SCORE can assist in areas like planning,
insurance, advertising and marketing, acquiring proper licensing and more.
– Feel: This radio/TV station cares about my dreams and aspirations. Others
have realized their dreams and passions using SCORE, I can too.
– Do: Find my local chapter and request SCORE mentoring
Spots #3 & #4
Overall story of SCORE - (English and Spanish)
Key messages:
– Small business ownership is a viable option
– SCORE can help harness innovation and turn ideas into successful businesses
– SCORE can help grow and expand existing business
– SCORE Mentors will help create a solid foundation
– SCORE resources are FREE
– SCORE is there for the life of your business
Audience outcomes:
– Think: SCORE is a professional, valuable expert resource that can help my
business grow at no cost to me.
– Feel: This TV/radio station and SCORE care about my dreams, ideas and
– Do: Find my local chapter and request SCORE mentoring
Spots #5 & #6
Call for Volunteers (English and Spanish)
Key messages:
– As a volunteer, local business professionals can help small businesses
– Local business professionals have a gift and should consider helping their
communities by sharing knowledge with small business owners.
– Helping entrepreneurs and small business owners by building strong, life
long relationships through mentoring and expert resources will help them
to bring their ideas to fruition and achieve their dreams.
– Helping small business owners will help your community.
Audience outcomes:
– Think: I have learned many lessons as a small business owner or business
executive. People in my community may benefit from my knowledge. It is
my civic duty to help my community grow and prosper.
– Feel: This TV/radio station value my caring professionalism.
– Do: Find my local chapter and become a SCORE Volunteer
Give Your Viewers/Listeners Information They Can
Use to Succeed!
1. Air these PSAs in during the most watched and listened to time slots
2. Invite local SCORE Chapter Chairs to discuss small business ownership
possibilities during taped or LIVE broadcasts.
3. Invite local small business owners who have used SCORE to help their
business succeed to discuss their experience during a taped or LIVE
4. Place links to your local SCORE chapters website on your website,
Facebook page and Twitter updates.
5. Contact your local SCORE Chapter for any additional information that
will assist in helping your viewers/listeners realize goals of small business
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