New Unit Organization - Monmouth Council, BSA

New Unit Organization
12 Steps to Organizing a New
Scouting Unit
Step 1: Identify the Prospect
• Determine the Youth Market
– Underserved areas
– Locations of schools and other youth programs
– New religious institutions being organized
• Research Potential Charter Organizations
– Size of organization
– Mission of organization
– Current Scouters that are
members of organization
Step 2: Approach the Prospect
• Ask fact finding
questions and LISTEN
– What is your
organization doing in
the community?
– What roadblocks keep
your organization from
achieving those
– What are your
organizations biggest
– What is your
organizations goals?
– What programs do you
– Where could you use
the most help?
Step 3: The Sales Call
Selling the benefits of Scouting to a
potential charter partner
Making the Sale
• Address organizations
goals, needs, and
– How can Scouting help
the organization
address these?
• Needs of the
• Purpose of Scouting
• Benefits of Scouting
• The program(s) of
• Support
– Council
– Camps
– Insurance
• Next Steps
Closing the sale
• Use carefully worded questions to close the
sale to get the prospect to say “Yes”
– Do you feel Scouting would be an answer to
some of your goals?
– Would you lend your personal support to using
Scouting as part of your youth program?
– Would you be willing to ask 3 or 4 people to
serve on an organizing committee
Handling Objections
• In advance, develop a
list of potential
questions and answers.
• Remember and
objections is not a
“No”, it’s only a “I’m
not ready to say
• Listen for additional
needs of organization.
• Ask open ended
questions. Why?
• If you don’t know
answer, say you will
get back with them,
and get them an
answer within 24 hrs.
Review Responsibilities
• Charter Partner
– Leadership
– Meeting Place
– Adopt Scouting
program as part of its
youth service
– Encourage
participation in
• Boy Scouts
Adult leader training
Program support
Camping facilities and
– Jr. Leader Training
– National resources
Step 4:
Organization Adopts Program
• Appoint a Chartered Organization
• Appoint Organizing Committee
Step 5:
Organizing Committee Meets
Understands aims and methods of Scouting
Knows steps to organizing unit.
Familiar with program planning.
Understand process for selecting unit
• Aware of training opportunities.
• Familiar with BSA literature and material
support for leaders
Step 6: Recruit Key Leaders
• Brainstorm – Make a list of all people that
would make good leaders.
• Present list to organization for approval.
• Select people to make the ask.
• Make personal ask
Step 7:
Plan and Organize Program
• Annual Program Plan with Budget
• Scouting Resources
– Program helps
– Program planning guides
– Ideal Year of Scouting
• Outdoor Program
Step 8: Train Leaders
• New Leader Essentials
• Leader Specific Training
– Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Advisor)
– Committee
– Den Leader (Tiger/Wolf-Bear/Webelos)
• Supplemental
– Roundtable
– Pow Wow/University
Step 9:
Recruit Youth and Other Parents
See Recruitment Guides
Step 10: Complete Paperwork
Adult Application
Youth Applications
Step 11: First Unit Meeting
Step 12: Follow Up
Charter Presentation
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