apdf nov 4 - 0910 sakada

Asia Pacific Defense Forum
“Japan Self-Defense Force: Challenge on
Command & Communication Systems
And Cyber Warfare”
Rear Admiral SAKATA, Ryuzo
Directorate of Command & Communication Systems (J-6)
Joint Staff, Japan
Expectations on the Command &
Communication Systems in JSDF
• Provide network among the Government’s
Central Command Post to tiers of
headquarters and field units.
– disaster relief
– international terrorism
– full-scale invasion
• Provide national-level counter-cyber threat
• Enhancements of user-friendliness deviated
attentions to systems’ survivability.
Future JSDF Posture on the Cyber
• Capabilities to defend own C4 systems,
hardware and data, from outer space cyber
• Capabilities to electronically neutralize
enemy C4 capabilities.
• Capabilities to conduct cyber space
intelligence and counter-intelligence
Current Capability Assessment &
Issues on Cyber Forces
Threat Analysis
International Legal Framework
Domestic Laws & Regulations
Organization and Capabilities
Education & Training
Personnel Management: Recruiting & Career
• Equipments
Future Tasks
• Consideration:
– NO simple unification (or “jointification”)
– Clear and present danger to the national security
– NO Resource race among service branches
• What to Do?
– Joint operation, for accelerated operational tempo, better
operational common pictures, and better information
– Prioritize in defensive functions
• “National Defense Program Guideline (NDPG)”
• “(5-year) Midterm Defense Plan (MDP)”
• Ally, the United States Cyber Command
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