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February 5th PD Meeting
*virtual* rescheduled from January 28th
Updates &
• Welcomes: New at MSA
• Grants Process Update
• CNCS Updates
• Site visit season
• Upcoming: Member Recruitment
Agenda (continued)
• Atlantic Cluster Conference
• Other Upcoming Priorities
• Calendar Updates
• Gov’t Relations and Upcoming Events from
Lindsay Rooney (formerly Snyder!)
• MLK Day Talk Back - project highlights
New at MSA
• New Program in our portfolio!
» Welcome justice Americorps Massachusetts, hosted
• New MSA Staff:
» Welcome Elizabeth Way, Administrative Assistant
• New PO Hire:
» coming soon!
» How will this effect you? Portfolios shifting midFebruary
• New Phones!
2015-16 Grants Process
• March - Clarification period begins
• April - Formula Continuations in eGrants
• Early May – 2015-2016 Competitive funding
• June - 2014-2015 Formula notifications
• Late July/early August - 2016-2017 grants process
will begin with the MSA RFP release for concept papers
2015-16 Grants Process
Changes to NOFO and Application process
• New “Funding Priority Areas”
• Evidence Base Section
» required to designate level of evidence,
» provide up to two studies accordingly
• Submission/eGrants Changes
» Logic Model no longer attachment,
» letters of support - keep on file, don’t send
• Budget
» Programs were allowed to submit modified amount for
healthcare, we’re waiting to see how CNCS accepts
» Max cost/MSY increased
» Min stipend for Full-time members increased*
CNCS Updates
• Background Check Assessment Period
» SORI non-compliance
» CNCS will be releasing a document on findings and
next steps
• CNCS Inclusion funds/Inclusion survey
• President Obama’s budget
• Other funding opportunities
» HUD – disaster recovery for designated areas
» DOT – 21st Century Corps
» Summer Programming – in President Obama’s budget
CNCS Updates
• Knowledge network resources
• Repeat AmeriCorps Opening Day – end of
• National AmeriCorps Graduation/Alums
recommitment campaign – June 15th
Atlantic Regional Cluster Conference
• Hosted in Hartford, Connecticut, May 4-6th
• Workshops on topics including: Program Management,
Financial Management, Performance Management, Criminal
History Checks, and other relevant topics.
• Desire to present?* (deadline THIS WEEK)
• Funds to go
» Potential for scholarships
» Your budget
• POL National Conference on Service and Volunteerism
moved to October
FY14 Site Visit Season
• Risk Assessments being completed now
(updated Risk Assessment form - we can share with you)
• Site visits February-June
• Programmatic and Fiscal
• Member file desk review
Preparing for your Site Visit
Why Site Visits?
• To hold MSA and programs accountable to the grant provisions
• To strengthen the field by sharing best practices between
• To identify the fiscal and programmatic compliance issues
program may not be aware of and to offer technical assistance
• Formal site visits are conducted late winter through spring
• All programs – one visit during three-year cycle
• New programs – site visit in first year
• Administered according to risk level determined in Risk
Assessment Form
Preparing for your Site Visit
Site Visit Agenda
• Meet organization and program •
• Systems 1–10
– Discuss your processes
– Review your documents
Member Interviews
Member file check
Site Partner Interviews (if
Informal feedback
How to Prepare for a Site Visit
Start with the Binder project, Desk Systems and Objectives
Use the MSA monitoring tools as a guide
Ensure eGrants 30 day compliance (enrollment and retention, etc.)
Talk to your Program Officer!
Common Compliance Findings
Systems 1–10:
• Materials do not identify position(s) as AmeriCorps service
• Members do not receive personal/professional development
beyond training for activities
• AmeriCorps gear not worn during all service hours
• Formal member supervision not occurring
 Documentation of data and data collection tools unavailable
• Stakeholders not involved in continuous improvement
• Member time sheets (dates and signatures)
• Non-compliant electronic time keeping system
• Members exiting service early to enroll in another AmeriCorps
Common Compliance Findings
Incomplete/inconsistent member files without:
• Documentation of interviews/references (and
inconsistent numbers of each)
• Member eligibility documentation
• Confirmation of CORI completion/review and FBI
fingerprint checks with compliant dates
• No proof of healthcare coverage
• Member evaluations
• Separation of files: background check/medical
information/member files not kept separately
Common Compliance Findings
Member interviews:
• Lack of AmeriCorps identity and esprit de corps
• Members serving in supervisory capacity to other members
• Members unaware of reasonable accommodation policies
• Members unclear of program goals
Site partner interviews:
• No signed site partner agreement/MOU
• Little orientation or ongoing support
• Incomplete awareness of prohibited activities
Common Compliance Findings
• Last Year’s Findings to note:
 Logos and gear
Referencing employment vs service
2nd year members in supervisory roles
Electronic timesheet systems
Timesheets missing dates
Late initiation of background checks
 Misspelling member names / using a nickname for SORI
 Disallowing hours
Site Visit Follow-up
• Program Officers email written report to program
within 30 days
• Program has 30 days to respond to compliance issues
• Best Practice and Continuous Improvement sections
are for future reference
• When all compliance issues are resolved the site visit
is over
Other Upcoming Priorities and Updates
• Member Recruitment
Be sure to update position descriptions, including:
»stipend - $12,430
»education award - $5,730
»prohibited activities
• Snow days and strategies
• Conversation regarding Opportunity Youth
• Competitive Amendments (eGrants)
• A useful tool!: join.me
• Great Press as of recent!
Calendar Updates
• February 27th - Western MA Legislative Breakfast
• March 9-13th - AmeriCorps Week
• March 18th - PD Meeting (Cape Cod)
• Mid-March - CNCS Clarifications
• March 31st - provide independent financial audit to MSA
• March/April - Formula Continuations
• April 7th - Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service
• April 15th - Mid-year progress Report Due; Fiscal Deadline
• April 16th - MA Service & Volunteerism Day @ Statehouse
• May 4-6th - Atlantic Cluster Conference
• Mid-/Late- May - CNCS Competitive Decisions
• May 20th - PD Meeting (TBD)
• June 1st - MA Conference on Service and Volunteerism
Lindsay Updates
• FY16 Legislative Advocacy Update
• Western MA Legislative Breakfast (2/27)
• Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service (4/7)
• MA Service & Volunteerism Day at the Statehouse
• MA Conference on Service & Volunteerism (6/1)
• MSA’s Annual Report
• Branding
AmeriCorps Branding
Can you beat these???
• Post-webinar poll: Cultural Competency Training
continued. We want to know your preferences for
We’ll see you next on March 18th, on the Cape!
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