Online Module Template
Example: Wimpy PCT for SBAR
Basic Specifications
Screen size: 800x600
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Sponsor: Robert Church
Sponsor’s Title: Manager, Technology-Based Learning
Date to be posted: March 5, 2020
List your Objectives below:
Explain the components of the SBAR model.
Demonstrate the SBAR process.
Good objectives are specific and action oriented.
Consider using words/phrases like:
• Analyze
• Assess
• Become
familiar with
• Communicate
• Connect
• Define
• Describe
• Determine
• Discover
• Distinguish
• Evaluate
• Examine
• Find out about
• Identify
• Know
• Review
• Learn
• List
• Name
• Outline
• Recognize
• Review
• Understand
• Verify
Motivation Screen
Write a short paragraph below telling the learner why they should take this module:
• In this course we will talk about communication,
specifically; we will talk about the SBAR method
of communication. This method was developed
to ensure that healthcare professionals
communicate effectively with each other. This
type of communication is necessary in order to
avoid errors and ensure your patients receive
quality care.
First Objective-screen1
Page Title: Meet Joe
Hi I'm Joe. I'm a patient care
tech at Getwell hospital. I just
started and things haven't
been going well so far. Several
accidents have happened and
my patients have suffered.
I'm not sure what is going on
but I need to fix it.
First Objective-screen2
Page Title: Communication
My boss said that I need to work on my
communication skills but I don't see how that could
be the problem.
Look at the following hand-off I had with Jane the
other day.
"Hi Jane,
Thanks for coming to get Mr.
Winkler he's all ready to be
taken up. I'll see you later."
First Objective-screen3
Page Title: Patient Fall
Shortly after this Jane tried to
transfer Mr Winkler to a
wheelchair and she ended up
dropping him. The next day
she yelled at me for not
telling her about Mr Winkler's
assistance needs.
First Objective-screen4
Page Title: National Patient Safety Goals
My boss said that poor communication is a primary
cause of patient errors. According to one report from
the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals, 70
percent of patient error cases were due to
communication. Of the cases reported in this study, 75
percent of the patients died as a result of these errors.
With numbers like this, I can see why communication is
the Joint Commission's second goal in their National
Patient Safety Goals. This goal requires that facilities
implement a formal approach to communication at
The act of passing
responsibility for a patient
to another person.
First Objective-screen5
Page Title: SBAR Components
I guess I could work on my communication skills then. If I
focus on answering key questions about my patients like
their condition or what needs to be done, that should help.
Jane told me about SBAR which could be useful in this
Second Objective-screen1
Page Title: Communication is a Two-way Street
Communication is a two-way street here you have the
opportunity to ask and respond to questions. So
thinking back to my interaction with Jane, she should
have stopped me and asked for more information.
Play the video to see how this interaction should have
Second Objective-screen2
Page Title: SBAR Job-aid
In order to use SBAR effectively you must include
all of the components in your hand-off
conversations. Some policies facilitate this level of
communication by requiring formal reports to be
generated and provided at hand-off; however, not
all departments/units have these requirements.
I've created a SBAR job-aid that you can use if you
Second Objective Question
Question: Follow along with me and help me with my conversations today.
To do this, play the following audio file and then answer the question. Did I
cover all of the components of SBAR
Correct feedback:
Good Job!
Incorrect feedback:
That’s incorrect.
Correct Answer: Yes
Write a short paragraph to sum up your objectives and any last thoughts:
You have completed the Diary of a Wimpy PCT course. In it you saw Joe practice some
good forms of communication.
Graded Quiz
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Randomize questions? No
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Use this quiz as a pre-test as well as a post test? No
Use this test quiz for a Test-Out option to the course? No
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