NeGP Strategy Formulation

NeGP Strategy Formulation
R Chandrashekhar, IAS
Secretary, IT
Year 2002
eGovernment – Is It important? Lets Check it Out?
Year 2003
eGovernment – Potential for Good Governance?
Year 2004
eGovernment – The Making of a Road Map
- Let the Plan be crystallized
Year 2005
eGovernment– Consult and build consensus
Year 2006
eGovernment – Lets Roll it Out
Year 2008
eGovernment – Measuring performance and evaluating
Year 2010
eGovernment – Need to speed up
Year 2002
eGovernment – – Is It important? Lets Check it Out
Increase in GDP growth rate
Good Governance for accelerating GDP & cutting Red Tape
Very Little Awareness of eGovernment?
eGovernment = IT = Hardware = PC
IT = National Informatics Centre = Internet Access
Some State Led Initiatives – Maharashtra, AP and Karnataka
Limited Understanding of the Concept, IT was elitist
Isolated but significant successes but champion led
….Essentially, absence of a game plan
Year 2003
eGovernment – Potential for Good Governance?
….beginning of a story
Learnings from best practices- within & outside the country
Workshops with Central Ministries, State Governments and IT
Industries, ascertain and generate interest
DIT takes up study of 6 Ministries to introduce eGovernment
Selection of 3 areas – land records, transport and registration
Launch of Horizontal Transfer Programme in 12 States– Roll out
of Good Practices
Iterative series of presentations to key decision makers in
PMO,Cabinet Secretariat including PM and Cabinet Secretary
In principle approval of NEGAP by PM
….Great Interest and Promising Results but…
Year 2004
eGovernment – The Making of a road map
….Significant Learning
Need for “awareness” – Political and Administrative
Need for an overarching Vision
Define the benefit upfront – benefit for whom?
National Workshop in Delhi with all States and Ministries
Need for Professional inputs in Programme Design
Selling Success Stories – (Bhoomi, Sarita, Vahan, Sarathi, etc)
Year 2004
eGovernment - Let the Plan be crystalized
Regional Workshops – One to One meetings
National eGovernance Conference : Driving the Demand for the
Global Trends – Leveraging India’s IT for India
Proposal put up to the Cabinet Secretary – Cross Cutting
Study of the Program and Financial Management Framework –
Hammering an agreement with all Stakeholders
SWOT defined what we need to work on..
Agreement on the Vision
… Need to build Demand from Ministries and Extended consultation
Year 2005
eGovernment – Consult and build consensus
….Broad Agreement on Vision and Objective, Differences on Modalities
Extended Discussions – One to One
Best Practices – World Bank, UNDP, Industry and CSOs
Agreement on Scope – Central MMPs, State MMPs, Services
and Service Levels
Agreement at the Highest Level – PM Review
Capacity Building to build participation. M&E Framework
Limited Funding for undertaking preparatory activities
Study to detail cost, undertake feasibility Study and build
momentum and create demand
…. Design of a Robust Framework to drive a programme
Year 2006
eGovernment – Lets Roll it Out
… Formal Approval
Cabinet Approval – Vision, Strategy, Roles and Management
Setup of a professional PMU to monitor performance
Detailed Guidelines – Centralized Planning, Decentralized
Overwhelming Response from States – Capacity still major
Demand outstrips the capacity or supply
Year 2008
eGovernment – Measuring Performance & Evaluating Benefits
Impact Assessment of Projects carried out
Number of trips to Government offices reduced by 1-2 trips
Waiting time at offices reduced in the range 20-40%
Land Records Project – Significant reduction in bribery
Direct Cost savings to citizens
Rural outreach to 2400 villages to get user feedback
Year 2010
eGovernment – Need to Speed Up
States want more
Pace is still an issue
Results are trickling in
Program for Impact Assessment to evaluate & learn
Feedback to continuously refine the strategy
•Rapid Growth of IT Industry
•Qualified Bureaucracy
•Competent Resource
•Focus on Governance
•Emphasis on Governance
•Media Activism
• Aware Citizenry
•Poor Infrastructure
• Transparency Issues
•Reluctance of Staff
•Limited Case Study of end to end IT
in Government
• Lack of private sector in Government
•Shift in priorities/vision
•Magnitude of Task
•Differing level of interest
….Essentially, absence of a game plan
NeGP Vision
“Make all Government services accessible to the
common man in his locality, through common
service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency,
transparency & reliability of such services at
affordable costs to realise the basic needs of the
common man.”
NeGP Strategy
Centralized Initiative, Decentralized Implementation
Focus on Services & Service levels
Ownership and Central Role of Line Ministries/State
Emphasis on Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
Implementation Framework
Apex Body
( Headed by PM)
Apex Committee
( Headed by CS)
National e-Governance
Advisory Board
( Headed by Minister)
Line Ministries
Line Ministries
Line Ministries
Provincial /State Governments
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