Photos from ISS - Space Exploration

The International Space Station
The International Space Station (ISS) is many things depending upon your
perspective. It is a premier example of engineering excellence on a scale
that we have seldom achieved before. It is both a Mechanical Engineering
and Electrical Engineering masterpiece. It is a monumental political
statement of cooperation between nations. And it is one of the best examples
of what mankind can do in a totally indifferent and hostile environment.
As you look at the following pictures think about how un-natural and
challenging the assembly of the ISS has been. How wonderful that nations
from WWII and the “Cold War Era” would cooperate in such a remarkable
and grand manner.
And then there are the vistas that you can not avoid as you pass over the
Earth. Everything you do is in full view of a spectacular Earth that is
rotating below you.
Ponder these things as you view the following photos. What else comes to
mind ?