Sarah`s PowerPoint

An Introduction to
Persuasive Writing
• Be able to use information from a
piece of writing
• Understand techniques used in
persuasive writing
What do these TV
programmes have in
A Place In The Sun
To Buy Or Not To Buy?
Escape To The Country
Through The Keyhole
Which words might be used
to describe this home?
What words would you use
to describe this house?
Estate Agent worksheet
There’s no smoke in the chimney,
And the rain beats on the floor;
There’s no glass in the window,
There’s no wood in the door;
The heather grows behind the house,
and the sand lies before.
No hand hath trained the ivy,
The walls are grey and bare;
The boats upon the sea sail by,
Nor ever tarry there;
No beast of the field comes nigh,
Nor any bird of the air.
• You are an estate agent and you have
been asked to sell the house in the
• Your task is to exaggerate the truth
to try and persuade people to buy the
deserted house.
Areas to cover…
1. Features of the house
2. Garden area
Activity – Power Of
• In pairs, you are going to try to persuade
me to buy a product which is of little or
no value whatsoever.
• The pair who produces the most
convincing argument will win a small prize!
Try to sell me…
a chocolate teapot!