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Rates of TDS
TDS is deducted by deductor/employer under following section:
 Section 192- Payment of Salary
 Section 193- Interest on securities to a resident @ 10 %
 Section 194- Dividend to a resident @ 10%
 Section 194A- Interest other than interest on securities to a resident @
 Section 194B- Winning form lottery and crossword puzzle @ 30%
 Section 194BB- Winning from horse races to a resident/non-resident
@ 30%
 Section 194C- Payment to resident contractor @ 1% if payment made
to individual/HUF and @ 2% if payment made to any other person.
Section 194D- Insurance commission paid to a resident @ 10%
 Section 194E- Payment to non resident sportsman:
- If payment made up to 30th June, 2012 @ 10%
- If payment made after 30th June, 2012 @ 20%
 Section 194EE – Payment in respect of deposits under National Saving
Scheme, 1987 to a resident/ non-resident @ 20%
 Section 194F – Payment on account of repurchase of units of MF or UTI to
a resident/non-resident @ 20%
 Section 194G – Commission on sale of lottery tickets to a resident/nonresident @ 10%
 Section 194H – commission or brokerage to a resident @ 10%
 Section 194I – Rent to a resident
- Rent of plant and machinery @ 2%
- Rent of land or building or furniture or fitting @ 10%
 Section 194J- Professional fees, technical fees, royalty (or remuneration to a
director) paid to resident @ 10%
 Section 194LA- Payment of compensation to a resident on acquisition of
certain immovable property @ 10%
 Section 194IA- Payment on transfer of immovable property exceeding Rs. 50
Lacs @ 1% (WEF- 01.06.2013)
 Section 194LB- Interest payment by infrastructure debt fund @ 5%
 Section 194LC- Payment of interest by Indian specified co to non-resident on
foreign currency approved loan/long term infra bonds from outside india @ 5%
 Section 195- payment of other sum like royalty, fees for technical services
etc to non-resident
 Section 196B- Income from units to an offshore fund @ 10%
 Section 196C- Income from foreign currency bonds or GDR @ 10%
 Section 196D- Income of foreign institutional investors from securities @
Important dates for filing of
TDS Returns
Quarter Period
Last date for filing time-limit for issue of certificate
April to June
15th July
30th July
July to September
15th October
30th October
October to December 15th January
30th January
January to March
15th May of next FY
30th May
Taxmann’s TDS Software
First select organization under Payer
Fill relevant details under different field. Some fields like organization
type, state etc have drop down option, you can select from list. Fields
marked with red star are mandatory to fill.
You can select heads from the given list which are relevant for the organization.
User can Edit or delete existing organization
Select one option from payee, either employee or others and create deductee
Employee Creation
Fill required information and save. You can check errors from Validate button.
Other Recipient
In case of other party, user have to fill above form.
You can edit or delete existing employee from above button.
After creating organization and party master, you should make tax deduction
entries. For making entries under section 192, select section 192. Then select
particular employee.
After employee selection, fill income details of employee under various heads of
income. Fields marked with arrow marks are calculated fields.
Salary head is further divided into sub heads.
You can add any other part of salary income also.
You can mention different allowances here.
Tax deposit
After making deduction entries, one should deposit tax. Tax can be
deposited for more than one employee also.
Other than salary
If you want to make entries under “Other than salary”, select above option.
Choose section from drop down list and enter amount of payment made.
In special cases like lower deduction, no deduction, transporter case etc. select
remark A,B,C,S,T, and Y.
Deposit of Tax
After making tax deduction entries, you should make tax deposit entries.
Fill challan details against respective tax deduction entries.
Generation of Return
Its time to generate return. Select Quarterly returns on computer media for
generating return.
User can take printout of various reports through this option.
You can view worksheet of selected employee through this option.
Revised return
For making revised return, select revised return and import .tds file of that
If you want to make any correction in deductor, select C1. On left side you can
see details as submitted in your last return, make correction on right side and
For correction of PAN i.e. C5, you have to click on modify and then enter correct
PAN. You can correct either single or multiple PAN.
Select any challan and click on modify to make challan correction and save
You can add new deductee/challan through C9 and can also make correction in
existing deductee through C3
After making corrections you can proceed with generation of correction statement.
Backup/Restore of data & live update
You can take backup from last year Taxmann’s software through this option. You
can also restore current year data. Live update button can be used to update changes
in the software.
Useful help links
These links are given for help of users. You can use them during filing of
your return for the sake of miscellaneous information.
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