PYP workshop – patana

3-5 year olds
A workshop lead by
Tracy Jochmann
from the United World
College of South East Asia
Seriously the world depends
on play!
 “To
children PLAY is work
Hard work their business in life”.
(from bright ideas)
Provocative Environments
in your class, have a place to
our classrooms should...
 value
students work
 see documentation and displays
 areas to find opportunities for learning
 have areas to explore
 opportunities to take risks and try new
 have a range of different media to
Importance of Documentation
The Purpose of Documentation
making learning visible
to identify student’s strength and weaknesses
to celebrate learning
give students importance
documenting is meant to explain process **
planning new activities
** scan in Type of documenting
Evernote – ipad app
Learning Stories
A learning story is...
first ad foremost a story
 It tells a tale to the child, family, to guests
and to ourselves as teachers
 No right way to do this
 begins with child’s initiative and progresses
through the subsequent stages of
engagement and intentionality
How to inquire in EYP?
 provocations
 personal
 field
inquiries vs. class inquiries