CMU Project Highlight Report Template

Community Life Choices
Sharing Feedback from Review of Day Services
Monday 16 January 2011
Tony Dailide
Assistant Director
Promoting Independence
Making progress towards personalised,
community-based support
Ensuring people have real control
Demonstrating the difference
Actively engaging local communities
Leaders at every level of the organisation work towards a genuine shift in
Seeking solutions that actively plan to avoid or overcome crisis
Enabling people to develop networks of support
Taking time to listen
Understand the needs of families and carers
Support that is culturally sensitive and relevant to diverse communities
Taking into account a person’s whole life
Making progress – Key Themes and Criteria
Information and Advice
Active and supportive communities
Flexible integrated care and support
Risk enablement
Personal budgets and self-funding
Reducing numbers of people are using traditional day services
 Raise in eligibility and charges?
 Changing expectations?
 Choice and control with user?
 Marketing?
 Cost?
Reducing budgets
Importance of day time support
Meeting the needs of people who require a lot of support
 Keeping healthy and active
 Making friends
 Feeling useful
What is changing
Move to reablement, enablement and recovery
Change in positioning, attitude and focus of in house services.
New mechanisms to give people choice and control
 Personal budgets through cash and PMAs
 Market development
 ChooseMySupport
Implications for providers
Move from block contracts to Personal budget holders as purchasers
Different risks to manage for providers, local authorities and users
New business models focused around the customer in control
Creative and responsive services
Quality and safety
Moving forward together
Providers have key role
Importance of being close to end user and knowing what they want
Building on experience
Agile and responsive sector
Some risk but also opportunities
Working together to shape new services