SEN Pathfinder 2013 - Darlington Association on Disability

Special Educational Needs Pathfinder - Update
SEN Pathfinders
• 20 Pathfinders, covering 31 local
authorities and their Primary Care
Trust Partners
• “the biggest reforms in 30 years
to help disabled children and
those with special educational
needs so we need to make sure
we get it right” Sarah Teather,
Children’s Minister
Testing core elements of reform:
• A single education, health
and care plan from birth to
25 years old
• Personal budgets for parents
of disabled children and
those with SEN
• Strong Partnership between
parents, voluntary and
community sector and local
What have we done so far?
• Established a Steering Group and 3
Task & Finish groups.
• Developed a person centred draft coordinated education, health and social
care plan.
• Got the power to test out personal
health budgets.
• Commissioned the Office of Public
Management (OPM) to help us develop
what a Key working model may look
like in Darlington.
• Started work to support education,
health and social care develop their
‘Local Offer.
What have we done so far
• Held several awareness raising events
attended by some schools.
• Asked schools to complete a template to
help develop the ‘Local Offer’.
• 28 young people and families signed up so
• Developed links with young peoples
forums and parent carer forums.
The Plan
So what’s changed?
Meaningful, leading to change from all parties for the benefit of the young person in the short,
medium and long term.
1st person –the world from the young person’s perspective
Simplified language
Emphasis on strengths, whilst recognising needs.
Clearer outcomes for the young person
Pages for budgets with social care and SEN budgets included
Possibilities for more choice and control for parents
What’s not changed?
Not able to be specific enough yet about outcomes
No sign off or major changes re: budgets yet
Will the Plan lead to different ways of working with the child & young person?
We are told that our draft plan is one of the best in the whole Country!
What we are being told so far
How can you help us?
We need your help too:
1. Get more young people involved.
2. Test personal budgets (EHC)
3. Improve multi agency communication around
the SEND Pathfinder.
4. Raise awareness with as many important
Education, Health & Care networks as
5. Help us design and test the new system
6. We need to keep you all updated.
Any Questions