Installation of GSM Car Alarm System

Installation of
Congratulations for choose this
GSM car alarm system for your
car. Taking a few minutes to
watch this Installation Guide
and read the User’s Manual
will be very helpful for the
installation and operation on
this GSM car alarm system.
Never mount any parts or
components outside the
vehicle where it will be
exposed to the elements.
Never mount any component
near hot or moving parts.
Always mount the
components and route the
wiring away from the rotating
sterling shaft assembly.
Except Siren, always mount
the parts with 22” of the alarm
module to assure the plug in
cable reaches the parts.
First open the decoration
board under the panel, select
a secret place for installing
the main module. In order
that all parts’ wire can be
mounted according to it’s
1) How install the GSM Antenna?
It’s better to stick the Antenna on the surface of dashboard.
Please refer to the picture “1 Antenna”, kindly note that the
Antenna should be always towards the up. And the wire of the
Antenna can’t be parallel to the large power cables (such as:
turning light wire, or sub-woofer wire).
2) How to install the Microphone?
Mount the microphone on the upper gap of Pillar between the
windshield and the driver’s door. Please refer to the picture “2
3) How to install the Voice Speaker?
See the picture “3 Speaker”, it’s better to be mounted under the
panel, find a suitable place and clean it, then tear off the 3M
double-side glue on the back of the Speaker and stick it.
4) How to install the Valet Switch?
Find a secret place on the pedal nearby the Clutch, drill a hole
and fix the Valet Switch there. See the picture “4 Valet Switch”.
5) How to install the Shock Sensor?
Since the RF receiver is also inside the shock sensor, it’s important
that the Shock sensor should be installed away from the main
magnetic sources, and keep it towards to the up. Mount the shock
senor inside the Pillar which is nearby the driver’s door (or under
the pedal). See the picture “5 Shock sensor”.
6) How to install the LED Indicator?
Mount the LED indicator on the gap between the windshield and
the dashboard where is easily seen from outside the vehicle. See
the picture “6 LED”.
7) How to install the Start Kill Relay?
Since the wire of the start kill relay is short, it’s better to fix it on the
place which is convenience for connect it with the “start” wire of the
Vehicle. Kindly refer to the “Wiring Diagram” of User’s Manual,
connect the Start Kill Relay wire(green) with the “Start wire” of the
Vehicle, connect the control wire(yellow) with 7-pin wire(white wire).
See the picture “7 Start Kill Relay”.
8) How to install the Siren?
Open the Hood of the Vehicle, and select a suitable place to fix
the Siren by screw. Kindly refer to the picture “8 Siren”.
9) How to insert the SIM Card?
After all the parts is mounted, make sure all the 7-pin and 12pin wire is properly connected, then open the small slide cover
on the back of the main unit, insert the SIM card. Then connect
the wires of all parts into the main module, and turn on the
backup battery. See the picture”9 SIM Card”.
10) How to install the Main Module?
After SIM card, all parts and cable wires are all mounted and
connected properly, fix the Main Unit. Please refer to the picture
“10 Main Unit”.
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