Fall 2014 - Student Leadership

Student Organization
Leadership Fall 2014
Jennifer Wegner
Assistant Director, Student Affairs
Contact Information
Jen Wegner
734-647-7155 (office)
143 Chrysler Center (bring your Mcard)
Office Hours:
4:30-6p on Wednesdays beginning Oct. 1
Office Staff to Know…
April Raymond
Administrative Assistant
Julia Heck
Graduate Intern
Engineering Leader List: enginleads11@umich.edu
UMEC Presentation (5 minutes)
UMEC (University of Michigan's Engineering Council) is the student
government for engineers at the University of Michigan. We ensure that
students have a voice on campus, whether they have a concern or they
would like to join one of our committees. Our responsibilities range from
providing funding for student groups to putting on Springfest. We hold
monthly meetings that anyone is welcomed to attend and participate.
These meetings determine what UMEC should focus on, as well as give
groups a chance to announce anything to those in attendance.
North Campus Composting
Olivia Marshall, MS CEE, omarsh@umich.edu
Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI) Board Member
Zero Waste Program
Fill out form
Pick up materials (bullpen)
Compost event
Dispose of bags in EECS loading dock
Return left over materials (bullpen)
First time on North Campus
Maize Pages Registration
• Must be completed by September 30
• SSOs must submit renewed sponsorship agreement
• Utilize event postings, roster, document storage,
service hours, election process
• http://maizepages.umich.edu
VSOs: Sponsored Events
• Option for VSOs to receive full University benefits for
specific events
• Sponsored Events must align with College mission &
strategic efforts
• Work with OSA to complete documentation
• Agreements must be completed in ADVANCE of event
Sponsored Event Examples
Conference Attendance
Conference Hosting
ANY programs with minors under 18 on campus
Sponsored Event
Event Sponsorship Agreement
Preliminary Budget
Proposed Event Summary
Final Budget Report (30 days post event)
Summary Report (30 days post event)
• Shared Services Transition
• North Campus Location Hours
– Wednesdays, 12:15-5p
• AP Changes
– Net ten day for vendor payments
– Net four day for reimbursements
P-Card Use
• Expenses over $150
• Complete p-card form (available through
• Must be done at least 5 days in advance
• Request evaluated w/response in 48 hours
• Reconciled to your SOAS account
Funding Opportunities
• College of Engineering
• Special Grant Opportunities
Receiving Tax-Receipted Gifts
• VSO=only with Sponsored Event Agreement on file
with OSA
• SSO=work with OSA or Office of Advancement
• Required to process:
– Check made payable to University of Michigan
– Written documentation
– Envelope (date stamp)
• Do NOT process through SOAS
Sharing Events
College Calendar
New Student Org Website Option
Digital Signage
Community Events/Announcement
Social Media
College Calendar
Photo Contact Box Required for your Student Org
Walgreen Center, outside of Arthur Miller Theater
Must be attended by president/PR lead
Student Organization Websites
• Michigan Engineering branded websites for SSOs and VSOs
• Supported through CAEN
• Training available
Digital Signage
At least 5 days in advance
Up to 14 days prior to event
Flyer size: Portrait Orientation, 8.5x11
Poster size: Landscape, 20”x9” or 1920 by 875 pixels
PDF preferred
Include event title, date, time, location, contact
Fonts 18 pt or larger
Image resolution 300 dpi
Submit to ajsko@umich.edu
• studentcommunications.engin.umich.edu
Events posted require the photo contact box to be
established for your organization
Social Media #UmichEngin
• Facebook: Michigan Engineering
• Twitter:
• YouTube: Michigan Engineering
• Instagram: @MichiganEngineering
Mention UMEngineering/Michigan Engineering
Working with Industry
• Looking for ways to strengthen your industry
• Want to create professional development
opportunities for your members?
• Employers value your partnership & want to
support and engage your members
ECRC Support
ECRC regularly receives requests for referrals to
student organizations.
To be included in the ECRC referral list of student
orgs offering events for employers you must
contact the ECRC directly.
ECRC Workshop
• Advice on best practices:
– communicating with employers
– planning employer events and promoting your brand
through these events and partnerships
• Come prepared to share your successes and
CoE Travel Policies
• Funding is available
• Domestic Travel
– Must use U vehicles
– Complete domestic travel registration:
• International Travel must be sponsored
– If VSO, sponsored event agreement required
– Go Blue, Go Abroad Workshop on October 28
Working with Minors SPG 601.34
• New University Policy
– Register program
– Follow the established Code of Conduct
– Agree to criminal background screening of all faculty,
staff, students and volunteers
– Use university-provided templates for participant forms
– Agree to have faculty, staff, students, and volunteers
complete required training
– Adhere to all reporting obligations
SPG Compliance
• All sponsored student organization activities
• All VSO on-campus events and programs
• Must be sponsored
• Must follow SPG
• Link off the studentorgs.engin.umich.edu website to
complete program registration
• Background checks
Future Opportunities
• Fall & Winter Student Org Series
• Sophomore Emerging Engineers Program (November
• Leadership Weekend 2015 (January 31-February 2)
• Dean Munson’s Office Hours
• Center for Campus Involvement North Campus Hours:
– 11-2p, Monday-Friday in Pierpont Commons
Contact Information
Jen Wegner
734-647-7155 (home)
143 Chrysler Center (Mcard swipe)
Starting in October, office hours 4:30-6p on Wednesday